Enhance Your Meta Quest 3 Clarity: HonsVR Magnetic Prescription Lenses In-Depth Review!


In this video, I check out the HonsVR magnetic prescription lenses for the Meta Quest 3. You can purchase these lenses for your own prescription from $56.95 direct ➡️ and use coupon code ‘OQPLAY‘ to get 5% OFF your order at checkout.

These prescription lenses from HonsVR are my first magnetic lenses for the Quest 3, there also are several brands available out there but I find HonsVR offer a competitively priced set of magnetic lenses for the Quest 3 that are built and fit well.

Each lens comes custom-made to your own prescription and is packed inside its own hard-backed, zippable carry case, keeping the lenses protected whilst not being mounted inside your Quest 3. If you’re the only person using your headset, then you will not be using this case once they are installed, but the case does come in handy if you’re sharing the headset and wish to stow the magnetic part of the lenses safe from being damaged if they were being stored loosely.

The lenses were perfectly made for my prescription and I was able to see the Quest 3 interface, games and passthrough much sharper than using them without, thanks to these lenses being made with the eye prescription that I set in my order. Each order is uniquely priced so do check the final cost by entering your prescription on their website ahead of ordering. The lenses from HonsVR come with free scratch resistance and anti-glare coating, however, you will have to pay a little extra each for adding blue light filters and a lens cover.

Installing them is super simple. You simply take them out of their plastic pouch and insert the base frame into the recess around each lens. A small ridge on the lenses is inserted into them to keep them secure. Then take the magnetic lenses and pop them on top of the magnetic frames. The lenses will align to the top and bottom magnets and stick firmly onto the mounting frame.

Shaking my headset vigorously doesn’t dislodge the magnets, which I used to see on older Quest 2 lenses, so HonsVR has selected decent magnets this time around. With only two magnets there is no third alignment magnet, which I found to be a shame, so the lens layer can be easily moved with some force. This makes them easy to slide off when swapping them out, whilst the magnets do manage to keep them on, so it isn’t too much of a worry.

I would have liked to see some ridge or pins element to the frames to make it easier to orientate the lenses correctly during their fitting but also to help reduce the slide ability they have when forced sideways.

If you can’t get your glasses through the stock facial interface, or you just can’t work around the integrated glasses adjustment of the stock interface on the Quest 3, buying a pair of prescription lenses is a no-brainer.

HonsVR also makes a fixed lens option that is slightly cheaper, starting at $45, for anyone who isn’t sharing the headset with other non-glass-wearing players. They simply push into the Quest 3 lenses and offer a more solid/fixed way of having your prescription installed into the Quest 3 lenses and omit the need to use your glasses or get the lenses scratched with your frames.

With a fair starting price before prescription options are added, if you’re looking for some magnetic lenses, these HonsVR lenses are worth checking out, as they come with a few free lens upgrades, which you might have to pay extra for elsewhere and you get the convenience of being able to remove them when sharing your headset.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:41 – Unboxing
3:10 – Installation
5.55 – My impressions
6.46 – How much?

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