YOGES Balanced Battery Elite Head Strap for Meta Quest 3 Review


In this review, I check out the YOGES Battery Head Strap for Meta Quest 3. You can buy this 6,000mAh Battery Strap for $39.99 from Amazon US ➡️ https://amzn.to/3Ttdq9E. Use my coupon code 107R1ZPJ for an additional 10% off at checkout making it $35.99!! UK/DE links to follow as soon as they are shared with me, so come back soon for updates.

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As many third-party strap makers jump on the trend of hinged Elite head straps for the Quest 3, YOGES has decided to keep it simple with their 6,000 mAh battery head strap. Taking a similar approach to the official Elite Strap with Battery design, the side rails are fixed, there’s super soft memory foam padding at the rear, and a token of padding up on the top strap.

There’s a lot to like about this strap. Although simple in its design, it ticks the boxes, most of all is its 300g of rear weight, meaning a decent counterbalance is present, a feature that some mainstream and more costly battery straps simply do not offer. It’s not perfectly 1:1 balance, but it’s close.

Unlike the top strap, more of that later, Its foam rear pad is super comfy, and its going to support the back of your head for many hours. Speaking of which, the battery at the back allows up to 2hours of extended play time over the Quest 3, which is much needed considering the Quest 3 doesn’t last all that long. So a battery strap is a necessity if you want to stay in VR and the YOGES helps with that. With its power button at the back, you can easily choose when to start and stop the charging of your Quest 3.

Its top foam head strap is one of these strap’s disappointments. Just an additional 8 cm of extra padding would have done the trick. Sadly the padding only just covers the top to rear portion of your head. This is ‘just’ enough to make this top strap acceptable, but such is life, an extra 3 inches wouldn’t have been perfect!

Another disappointment is its (5V 3A) 15 Watts of input and output power though, 18W would have made the recharging whilst gaming a little more rapid, especially if you power up your Quest 3 to find its internal battery is running on fumes. Its 15W output will certainly slow the Quest 3 battery drain, and under the right app conditions, it will charge some battery back, albeit slowly. For some this is ok, but those wishing to pick up and play from a very low % of battery on the Quest’s internal battery will be a little disappointed and running dry before they get their VR feet wet.

To test this I played Asgard’s Wrath 2 from 100% to 50% of the internal battery on the Quest 3, leaving the Quest 3 to sleep overnight I found it down to 38%. I then turned on the battery pack on the head strap and continued my gaming to see if it was able to also charge up from 38% or just prolong the drain of the main Quest 3 battery. The result was that the battery charge did increase over time, albeit slowly. After around 30+ minutes of AW2, the battery did increase to 42% and two bars of the battery strap were depleted after over 30mins sessions. So it does slow the battery drain and in the case of AW2 (a taking game on the CPU) it did build the Quest 3’s battery back up very slowly. This mirrors the said 2+ hours of extra time when using it against a 100% charged Quest 3 battery, and out of the box, the battery was unlikely to be charged to 100%.

So I’d say if you can live with the short-changed top strap, ugly side cable management, no side hinge adjustment, and 2+ hours is enough time for you, this battery strap feels solid yet lightweight, and it has great rear comfort and ever greater counterbalance. There’s a lot to like about this strap, so pop this battery strap from YOGES on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
0:47 – Battery, Features & Design
1:46 – Installation
2:43 – Strap length
3:25 – Counter Balance Effect
3:55 – Top Foam Padding
4:10 – Charging & Cable
5:04 – Fit Demo
6:39 – Headphones Support
7:03 – Case Support
7:46 – My impressions

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