My Recommended Setup

This is my current Quest 2 setup. All the accessories I list below are currently on my Quest 2 headset or controllers after reviewing them. Also, after my initial list below, I list a few alternative accessories that are also worth considering.

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Meta Quest 2 256GB - $399

This part of the setup is important. I chose the 256GB version as I like to not feel restricted with my game library. The large storage allows me to download whatever I like without the feeling of having to remove apps to fit the next new game on. For the sake of an extra $100 it is well worth it. More so if you will be watching media on your Quest.

Head strap

KIWI Design Upgraded Elite Strap - $39.98

If you've yet to pick up the Elite Strap, or you are thinking of buying one. DON'T!! Buy this instead. It is far superior than the official Elite Strap from Meta/Oculus. The hinge point in a game changer in terms of general use and speed of putting on the headset. The top and rear strap are super comfortable thatn you can be in this headstrap for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Facial Interface

VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface Kit - $29

VR Cover's latest foam pad and interface set are the best you can get right now. It features better airflow, it clips in better, the nose light leak part is bigger, its rubber edges reduce speaker vibration and it moulds around your face much better. All this makes for the best facial interface you can buy.

Grips & Knuckle Straps

AMVR Touch Controller Grip - $18.99

A knuckle strap for your Touch Controllers is a must-have accessory for your Quest 2. The issue with many grips are that they cover your controllers and make it a hassle to remove when you have to change the battery inside them. Some can also bulk up the handle - no ideal for smaller hands. These grips from AMVR are so simple. They replace the battery door and allow the strap to attach to the bottom of the controller than onto the sensor ring, meaning you can mix this with the VR Cover halo protector for the best combo for your controllers.

Knuckle Straps +

ProTube VR ProStraps - $34.90

If you buy the AMVR grips above, you can easily swap its thin leather strap for a much better higher-quality alternative, such as these straps from ProTube VR. With these attached, the grips feel super luxurious. The attachments for the ProStraps aren't great, so I only recommend these straps for use with grips that you can replace the fabric straps with these.


Stereo VR Headphones - $42.99

If you want to improve immersion whilst also be able to listen to your surroundings outside VR, then these Clip-On Headphones are a great pair of headphones that clip onto your default soft strap or Elite Strap. The sound is slightly better than the AMVR headphones due to their position on your ears. I hope to have a mod part to install these onto a BOBOVR M2 head strap soon.

Other Recommended Accessories

Head strap

BOBOVR M2 Halo Strap - $38

The BOBOVR M2 is my current 'go-to' head strap for my Quest 2. It is super comfortable and very easy to slip on and off your head without much or hardly any after adjustment of the dial at the back. Its build quality is very good and the headset has a lot of give in it so help mould to your head shape without being too rigid that it would snap, unlike the Elite Strap (for some people).

Head strap

Oculus Elite Strap - $49

If you want a more rigid strap than the default soft strap, you can't beat the official Elite Strap. There are now many head straps to choose from and I still find the Elite Strap one of the better head straps for the Quest 2. If you want a battery pack and a little counter weight you can pay a little extra for the Oculus Elite Battery Strap instead.

Headset Accessory

VR Cover Elite Strap Foam Pad - $19

As comfortable as the Elite Strap is, the Foam Pad from VR Cover adds some extra comfort, plus this padding prevents the rear of the strap from slipping upwards or downwards during intense gaming or VR fitness workouts. It's cost is low and it greatly improves the headset's comfort.

Headset Accessory

VR Cover Cool XG Foam Pads - $19

The foam pads you get with the VR Cover Facial Interface Kit (listed above) are great, but for anyone that wants to improve their field of view whilst also getting a cool gel feeling, these pads from VR Cover are a decent replacement to the thicker foam pads that you get with the kit.

Grips & Knuckle Straps

Vakdon Touch Controller Grip Cover - $20

A knuckle strap cover for your Touch Controllers is a must have accessory for your Quest 2. These grips from Vakdon / Eyglo / Esimen protect your sensor ring from minor damages whilst the grip texture helps airflow around your sweaty palms. Then there is a decent adjustable strap that positions over the back of your hand for great comfort.

Head Strap

KIWI design Grips - $27.99

KIWI design makes one of the best grip and knuckle strap combos that I have tested on the Quest 2. The strap allows unlimited movement when tightened, thanks to the straps attaching to the grip, below the sensor ring. Their straps have been improved with a battery flap for easy battery replacement and the grip has been extended for larger hands. Build quality remains the same.

Facial Interface

AMVR Facial Interface Kit - $27.99

The AMVR facial interface kit is a very good alternative to the VR Cover. It can cost slightly cheaper and you get a bundle of additional extras, such as side pads, eye protector and a separate nose piece.


Eyglo Noise Isolating Earphones - $12.99

To greatly improve immersion in VR, sound can enhance your game, be it an adventure or even for beat games or in fitness. The stock speakers in the headset is good, but not as good as dedicated earphones and these earbuds are the best ones I have reviewed, they come with ear pieces sizes for best fit, they sound great and the cable fits around your Quest 2 quite neatly.

Headset Accessory

AMVR Dedicated Earbuds Holder - $9.99

If you use earphones or earbuds with your headset, these simple earbud holders are a great way to stow your earphones onto your head strap so you don't catch the cables in between your headset and your face, and when you are not using your headset you do not need to remove them completely from your headset. Plus they protect your earbuds from curious pets chewing on them.