Elevate Your Meta Quest 3 Setup: Kiwi Design RGB Charging Stand Review


The Kiwi Design RGB Charging Stand For Meta Quest 3 is a great way to elevate (literally) your Quest 3 setup. You can buy this stand for $59.99 / £49 / €59.95 (with current discount in some regions) directly from the Kiwi Design Store ➡️ https://bit.ly/kiwirgbstand.

This is a VR headset charging stand for the Quest 2/3/Pro with integrated RGB lighting. It will store your Quest headset within a small footprint stand and it will also keep your headset charged, thanks to a flexible magnetic connection on the side that simply connects to an inserted magnetic charging pin that you attach to the Quest’s charging port.

In the box, you get all the parts you need to assemble the stand. Charging the stand can be done via your own USB-C Quest power cable and power adapter, or you can supply a more suitable cable and adapter that will connect the charging stand to a nearby wall socket. An 18W+ adapter is advised here.

Installing the stand is very simple it comes in eight parts. Six of them are the stand itself and the last two connect to the headset and the stand to charge the headset once it’s placed onto the stand.

Assembly takes little time, following the easy-to-use instructions, and you simply connect a USB-powered cable to the back of the stand to power it for charging and also to enable the display of its RGB light at the front of the headset resting plate.

Charging your headset is done by plugging in the bundled USB C adapter into the power port of the headset, and once you’ve placed the headset onto the stand, the rubber, flexible connecting arm on the stand will connect magnetically to the charging connector attached to the headset. It’s very low-fi, but it simply works and with very little adjusting needed too.

This stand does not charge your controllers, the arms that are placed on either side of the stand, simply give the controllers a place to easily rest whilst your headset is charging. The holes are wide enough to fit their own straps attached to each controller. Other brands also seem to work well here too.

The stand has a decent weight to its base, and there is a grippy pad underneath the base that will help prevent the stand from sliding on a flat surface. The stand is also designed in a way that or not easily top all over if the stand or the surface it is on is nudged.

Overall the RGB Stand from Kiwi Design is a simple yet well-built stand that’s not only sturdy, it adds some extra flair to your games room with the aid of its RGB lighting at the front. Although it isn’t as visual as their wider horizontal Quest 2 charging dock, the bar has plenty of attract modes and colours to suit your man/girl cave.

If you have Kiwi Design’s very comfortable Quest 3 Elite Battery Strap, the stand also works well with its charging cable, keeping both the battery strap and Quest 3 charged for hassle-free charging of the headset. In short its a perfect duo for keeping your Quest 3 ready for game time!


0:00 – Brief overview
0:42 – Unboxing
1:20 – Installation
3:03 – Assembly complete
3:35 – Charging the Quest 3
4:38 – Sturdy stand
4:55 – RGB Lighting
5:25 – Headphone Storage
5:48 – My impressions

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