BOBOVR M2 Pro Halo Battery Strap for Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my BOBOVR M2 Pro Halo Battery Strap for Quest 2 Review.

You can buy this head strap for $59.99 or £59.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here →

BOBOVR B2 Spare Battery Pack

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In this video, I check out the newest halo strap from BOBOVR. The M2 Pro is an upgraded version to its great original Halo strap, with the addition of a rear battery solution that is removable and swappable with additional battery packs that you can also buy from Amazon.

The battery pack weighs just 141grams and it has a battery capacity of 5200 mAh, which is more than enough to fully charge your Quest 2 back up, and also delay the total drain of the Quest 2 battery should you be glued in VR over a long session. You should get a total of 3 extra hours with one supplied battery. If you bought another you could swap them out to double the playtime in VR. Any longer and you really should be taking a break!

Charging Performance

Battery charge is done at a rapid 15W of fast charging power. In practice, at 4% I turned on the battery and it charged up to 19% in around 20 minutes during gameplay. On standby, in 1 hour it reached 42%, 82% in 2 hours, and 100% fully charged in just under 3 hours. Afterwhich the four LEDs on the battery showed just 1 lit, so it probably had some juice left to keep charging for a little while longer.

The battery snaps into its docking slot at the back of the head strap. Its weight doesn’t give any counterbalance on this strap, purely because Halo straps aren’t built in a way to offer counterbalance when weight is applied to the rear strap.

With that said, the battery felt almost weightless with it on or off. I couldn’t really tell, but it is nice to remove the 141g off the head strap when you don’t need it. With the battery removed the strap weighs 245grams, which is 65grams heavier than the original M2 strap from BOBOVR. A weight that you really can’t feel significantly. And if you compare it to the best Elite strap from KIWI Design at 216grams, there is very little added extra to it if weight is a concern.

Loose Cabling

The supplied braided USB-C cable has a very generous length, yet I feel it could be around 1-inch shorter to remove the slack I felt around my left ear. It’s best to route the cable through a hidden side hook behind the left side headband arm, but I feel it could have had better channeling of the cable, or clips, for a neater look and feel.

The dial at the back didn’t feel like it has had any improvements to the original strap, yet the M2 was perfectly fine anyway. Just the graphic on the back has been altered.

Padding Upgrades

BOBOVR has listened to feedback and has upgraded top headband pads and is now thicker and wider. They give a better spread of weight at the top of your head without digging in too much. Without a supplied top strap on this model, all the weight will now be on your forehead and the top of your head under these pads.

To help distribute this weight, the front and rear pads have been updated, with different foam and surface materials. I would say it is better than the more rigid M2 pads, but sadly I found the rear pad design, or the rear support design in general, didn’t quite work with my head.


Whilst playing a few active games that involved ducking or looking down, I found the rear of the strap would rid up the back of my head. Making it tighter didn’t quite solve this, and I generally found the rear pad was not supportive enough to anchor itself at the back of my head.

I tried the BeswinVR battery head pad that I use with the original M2, and it improved it a little, but it wasn’t a total 100% fix. I will keep exploring some alternative pads and maybe update with a mod video for this head strap.

Overall I like the M2 Pro, mainly for its battery solution on what is a great strap. Its M2 foundation was a solid base for a halo strap, and the small improvements they added on the Pro, mixed with a swappable battery, make this Quest 2 strap a must-have head strap for anyone seeing a Halo strap with a battery solution.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
1:25 – Head Strap Features
2:33 – Battery & charging
3:35 – Comparison to original M2
6:33 – Installation
8:65 – Demo
12:29 – My impressions

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