AMVR Meta Quest 3 Elite Head Strap Review


TLDR: The AMVR Elite style Head Strap for Meta Quest 3 is a superior and cheaper alternative to Meta’s official Elite strap. It’s hinged for easy on/off, has comfortable foam padding, and a smooth dial adjustment. Despite its low price, it feels premium and outperforms Meta’s offering. Worth considering for comfort and value.

In this video, I check out the AMVR Meta Quest 3 Elite Head Strap. You can buy this head strap for $34.99 from Amazon US 👉🏻, for £27.99 from Amazon UK 👉🏻, and for €33.74 from Amazon DE 👉🏻

The AMVR Elite style Head Strap for the Meta Quest 3 is a great (if not better) alternative to the official Elite strap from Meta. It offers many enhancements, for a much cheaper price, and with that, it’s worth your attention if you’re looking into an Elite-style strap to replace the hugely uncomfortable stock soft strap that’s on your Quest 3 headset.

The head strap’s main feature is that it is hinged at the side. This makes it much easier to put on and take off the headset without any additional adjustment. It locks down in place to create a fixed and rigid structure for added counterbalance when used in combination with the foam padded top strap. It’s also handy to pivot the headset up to its maximum 70-degrees to take a break, hydrate or check your phone without removing the headset entirely off your head.

Its top strap and rear pad have some comfortable foam padding. The Meta strap never comes with this level of padding, and if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out on maximum comfort for those long VR sessions. Both foam padding materials are generous and don’t overbulk the whole head strap – a common feeling I get across all general areas of the head strap.

The dial at the back is fairly silent on adjusting it towards your head and allows for very small incremental adjustments. Going the other way, it is a little less ratchety (clicky) than some other straps I have tried, overall, making this quite budget-friendly head strap feel more premium.

This premium feel is what I get from the whole head strap. Its cost positions this head strap high up there as one of the better Elite straps for the Meta Quest 3 that stamps down from a great height onto the official offering from Meta and many other third-party Elite-style straps out there.

For its relative low price of entry, there is little to moan about on this strap, and your wallet and head will appreciate the solidly built materials and performance of this head strap. My eyes will be peeled to see what AMVR bring to the table in terms of a Meta Quest 3 battery strap solution or future upgrade for this strap, because that is where they could do the most damage against its competitors, especially if they can offer it at a competitive price and with the right choice of battery tech.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:16 – Unboxing
0:33 – Features & Design
1:12 – Installation
2:22 – Demo
2:52 – Fit
4:55 – My Impressions

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