How to disable the red dot indicator when recording or casting video on Oculus Quest


If you like to capture your Oculus Quest gameplay sessions to YouTube or cast your Oculus Quest to a TV, Apple TV or Google Chrome Cast device, then its likely you’ll find the red dot that indicates that you are recording can get in the way and break immersion in the game.

Sadly, there was no way to remove this dot, much to the frustrating of people recording and casting regularly on the Quest. Facebook/Oculus has been chipping away at all the Quest feedback it has received, one of which was a request to remove this immersion-breaking red dot. It’s taken almost a year and 17 firmware updates, but in the latest firmware update for the headset, you now have the ability to turn it off.

How to remove the red dot indicator during recording and casting on Oculus Quest

  • First, you will need the firmware 17.0 or newer to have this ability. So if you are not on Quest firmware version 17.0, head over to Settings > About > Version to find out what firmware you have installed and update it if necessary.
  • Next, simply head to the Settings > Device menu
  • In the Device menu, look for the ‘VIdeo Capture Indicator” feature.
  • Toggle this switch for this feature to the OFF position to make the dot no longer appear during casting and recording.
  • To reenabled this feature, simply toggle the switch back to the default ON position.

It’s a shame this simple feature has taken so long to implement, however, as they say: “Better late than never”. If you would like to see a new feature implemented, you can head on over to the Oculus Quest feedback page and submit a request and get it upvoted by other owners.

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