AUBIKA Meta Quest 3 20W Elite Battery Strap & Carry Case Review


In this video, I check out the AUBIKA Elite Battery Strap and Carry Case for the Meta Quest 3. You can buy the AUBIKA Quest 3 Battery Strap for $79.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £69.99 from Amazon UK ➡️, and €79.99 from Amazon DE ➡️

You can buy the AUBIKA Quest 3 Carry Case for $27.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £29.99 from Amazon UK ➡️, and €39.99 from Amazon DE ➡️

The Quest 3 Battery Strap from AUBIKA is a very comfortable head strap for the Quest 3. Its 8000 mAh battery is much larger than the battery in their Quest 2 head strap, yet it doesn’t make the strap any bulkier. The rear weighs approx. 346g on its own, and attached to the Quest 3, its total weight is 841g. It offers a great amount of counterbalance, maybe not a complete weight trade-off with the Quest 3 headset (which is around 500g on its own), so there is some front drop when the strap is fully loose on my head.

It has a nice comfy top strap, that is well padded, making it perfect and comfortable for long play sessions. I would have liked to see a similar padding to the rear pad, but a VR Cover rear pad for the Quest 2 will fill that omission.

As for its 8000 mAh battery performance, there is no buzzing from the battery, which is a common fault on the official Meta Elite Battery Strap. So that’s a bonus. With 20W of output, it does charge the Quest 3 without the headset draining its own battery first, during play, which many early-released battery straps seem to struggle with. Charging the battery back from a 30W wall charger and the official Quest 3 charging cable took approx. 50 minutes to 25%, 1 hour 20 minutes to get to 50%, 1 hour 38 minutes to 75%, and under 2 hours 20 minutes to 100%.

Overall, this head strap is one of the best Elite-style straps for the Quest 3 with a battery right now. If you’ve just picked up a Quest 3 and looking for a head strap, a battery strap is very much recommended, and with many out there not really charging the headset that well, this one from AUBIKA is a welcome accessory for the Quest 3 right now.

The Quest 3 Carry Case from AUBIKA carries a familiar design to the Quest 3 headset itself, with its three-pill design on the case top and white/grey suede material all around it. Sadly this material will be prone to wearing and it’s not going to be that great if it were to get in contact with water either. Fortunately, the black version has a harder-wearing material, but it’s a shame the more brand-matching case doesn’t have this material.

Inside AUBIKA has thought about many uses for this case, bundling a removable walled divider, a small removable pad to keep the headset down during travel, a velcro-attached pouch, and an accessory sleeve attached inside the inner lid of the case.

With all these features you’ll have plenty of choice fitting headset, controllers and a number of accessories in this case. I couldn’t test a Quest 3 fitted with a halo strap, but I am sure it will fit just fine. Elite straps will not have a problem fitting and it’s so big that you could fit two soft strap Quest 3s in this case too.

If you plan on taking the Quest 3 out of your home and travel to friends and family, putting it in a case like this will keep the headset and its controllers and accessories fully protected. The one downside of its style is that it does advertise there maybe a Quest 3 inside, so keep it close by and don’t let it out of your sight if you do venture outside with this case.


0:00 – AUBIKA Quest 3 Elite Battery Strap
5:44 – Head Strap Demo
10:59 – AUBIKA Quest 3 Carry Case
13:03 – Carry Case Fit Demo

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