VR Rock Meta Quest 3 Prescription Lenses Review


In this video, I check out the VR Rock Prescription Lenses for the Meta Quest 3. You can buy these lenses for your own prescription from $25 direct, using my coupon code OQPLAY for 10% OFF at checkout ➡️ .

These prescription lenses from VR Rock are my first lenses for the Quest 3, there are a number of brands available out there but I find VR Rock one of the cheapest out there.

Each lens comes bundled in its own hard-backed carry case, keeping them protected whilst not being installed on your Quest 3. If you’re the only person using your headset, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be putting these back in the case any time soon.

The lenses were perfectly made for my prescription and I was able to see the Quest 3 interface, games and passthrough much sharper than using them without, thanks to these lenses being made with the eye prescription that I set in my order.

Installing them is super simple. You simply take them out of their plastic pouch and insert them into the recess around each lens. A small ridge on the lenses inserts into them to keep them secure and it looks just like stock, without too much ridge to them or making them any more bulky, which is really good to see.

If you can’t get your glasses through the stock facial interface, or you just can’t work around the integrated glasses adjustment of the stock interface on the Quest 3, buying a pair of prescription lenses is a no-brainer.

VR Rock also makes magnetic options, for anyone sharing the headset with other non-glass-wearing players. They simply just magnetise onto the connecting frames and can be easily removed and stowed in its case whilst not clipped on.

With a low starting price before options are added, if you’re on a budget, these VR Rock lenses are worth checking out, as they come with many free lens upgrades, which you might have to pay extra for elsewhere. If only it came with a free lens cleaning cloth.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:59 – Unboxing
2:08 – Installation
3.48 – My impressions
4:39 – 10% VR Rock discount code

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