CHEAP Elite Strap With Battery ALTERNATIVE for Meta Quest 2 | Vivaforte Battery Head Strap Review


In this video, I check out the VivaForte Elite Head Strap with 6000mAh battery for the Quest 2. You can buy this strap for $65.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £59.99 from Amazon UK ➡️

This familiar-looking battery strap comes with a 6,000mAh battery, it has a rather unique orange power USB-C cable that attaches to your Quest 2 charging port, a battery indicator manual charging button, and a padded top strap. It’s one of the cheaper Elite Head Straps with a built-in battery for the Meta Quest 2, and a solid alternative to the official Oculus Elite Strap With Battery. 

In the box you get a paper instruction manual and warranty card, there is a thicker foam top strap, a detachable rear pad, and there is the main battery strap itself.

Build Quality & Features

Looking over the main strap it can feel like a game of spot the difference against a few other battery straps that carry a different brand name, such as the Aubika I reviewed on this channel. The rear and side rails are near identical, with the same details, smooth adjustment dial, USB-C charging port underneath the bottom and status lights and manual button on the top of the battery pack. There are the same diamond-shaped sides rails and Elite strap style rear pad, and the side clip for cable management is the same too.

At this point, this is where the similarities end and where this particular strap starts to bring in some much-needed alternative features and materials.

The first is the very obvious charging cable. It is still connected in the same way, but a more robust, orange braided cable has been used instead of the rather cheap-looking white plastic cable and they’ve replaced the USB-C connector with a better-built quality connect that has a built-in kink protector. I find the orange cable colour makes the headset look more unique, but if you’re not a fan of the colour there are no other options available.

The next feature is the rear pad, and they have replaced the permanently fixed top strap with a cutout hole at the back and a separate top strap. This top strap also has some additional padding to it, similar to the Kiwi Elite Strap, but this one is not as thick or as well padded, but it is a nice and very welcome addition over all the other thin fabric top straps that come with most Elite straps.

Like the Aubkia, this strap feels a little better built and sturdier than the official Elite straps. So that will go a lot way with the longevity of the strap, a little improved counterbalance, and it shouldn’t snap on you either. The diamond-shaped ends of the side rails are the best design when it comes to removing the head strap – should you need to do that often.

The rubber cup head pad at the back matches exactly the shape and size of the official Elite Strap. So it fits well at the back of the head and its rubber material will help support many different head shapes. Because it is the same shape and size you can also fit the VR Cover or Kiwi Design real foam pad for extra added comfort.


Behind the tightening dial, you will find four LED lights that will indicate how much the strap has left to charge and if the battery strap is on and charging your Quest 2. You can toggle the head strap from charging the headset by pressing the button alongside these LED lights, which will turn the battery on/off. One press to start, and two presses to stop.

The battery is able to charge the Quest 2 whilst it is also being charged through its USB-C port underneath the battery portion of the strap – just like the official Elite strap with battery. Sadly you can’t use this port for Oculus Link, but you do have the ability to charge the headset whilst using AirLink instead.

My Impressions

This Elite Strap with battery retails for $65.99 from Amazon US, and £59.99 from Amazon UK. and you can check out my links in the video description down below to learn more about this strap and to buy it yourself.

Just like the Aubika, there is a lot to like about this Elite strap over the pricier official battery strap. This is one of the better and cheaper Elite head straps with battery alternatives that are out there right now. This particular brand has made some quality-of-life adjustments, with its thicker padded top strap and signature coloured charging cable, but I am not sure if these warrant the extra cost over the very similar Aubika that’s selling for $20 less.

So if these extra features are worth the extra asking price for you, I would still recommend that you check this head strap out over the official Elite strap with battery, and use the extra savings on other things such as a facial interface or controller grips/straps for your Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing
0:44 – Features vs Aubika
2:18 – Install and build
2:36 – VR Cover rear pad fit
3:20 – My impressions

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