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In this video, I check out the Hons VR Prescription Lenses for the Quest 2. You can buy them currently on sale for $49.99 directly with free shipping ➡️

If you wear glasses, share a headset with a glasses wearer or you just want to protect your lenses, then having a pair of prescription lenses like these from HonsVR makes it super convenient for anyone that wears glasses on your Quest 2 and it helps protect the plastic lenses inside the Quest 2 also.

In the Box

In the box, you get a lens cleaning cloth and thank you card, that also has your ordered prescription handwritten on the back, and inside the hard zippable carry case, there are your left and right prescription lenses that come pre-attached to their magnetic clip-on covers.

This is my second pair of prescription lenses. The first set from VR Rock had a two-magnet design and we’re a little easy to come loose and would regularly fall off their lens cover mounts. These lenses from Hons VR have a much stronger magnetic connection and they’ve also gone for a three-magnet design around its lenses. So overall there have never fallen out of me yet and the lenses themselves don’t move so easily when poked, both intentionally and accidentally.


Installation of the lenses is very simple. You first remove your facial interface, then use the cloth to give the Quest 2 lenses a bit of a rub down to clean them. I recommend you detach the glass part of the lens from the mounting ring so that you don’t cover the glass with your fingerprints. Next, push the mounting ring onto the few small ridges that are located around the Quest 2 lens. Due to the shape of the lens, you can’t get this bit wrong because the mount will only clip one way.

With the mounting ring clipped securely, you can place the glass lens back onto the mount, which will then align and snap into place thanks to the three strong magnets around the outside. There is a small cut in the ridge on the lenses to align the magnets and help prevent the lens from rotating and coming loose or falling off.

During the order process, you can choose to have the lenses engraved, so it was nice to see Oculus Quest Play on the side of the right glass lens. This is worth doing if you share your Quest 2 with another glasses wearer because you can then easily identify whose lenses are installed before putting the headset on. My sample lenses were only engraved on the right lens, but I think being engraved on both lenses would have been so you don’t get multiple lenses mixed up.

My Impressions

My nearsighted prescription is small but I can notice a difference by having prescription lenses installed in my Quest 2. The HonsVR lenses were perfect and I could see everything that much sharper than without them. The lenses and their combined mounting rings do add a level of height to the lenses, yet unlike the VR Rocks, I didn’t feel them with my nose or eyelashes with them installed. This might be due to the thicker VR Cover foam padding set I have installed onto my VR Cover fitness edition interface. So if you have a thinner foam padding or you’re still using the stock interface you will likely need to install the glasses spacer instead.

A pair of custom prescription lenses from HonsVR is currently on sale for $49.99 and there is also free shipping at the moment. If you just want to protect the Quest 2 lenses with clear glass, these are also currently on sale for $24.99. And additional options for blue light filters, lens covers and engraving can add between $3 to $10 on top of these prices. Engraving is worth doing if you’re sharing lenses, and the blue light filter saves you from eye strain so that’s worth including too.

Overall these lenses from HonsVR have been a great experience, they look good, their build quality feels solid and the fact that they haven’t fallen out of my Quest 2 yet just makes me confident in recommending them to anyone looking to buy a pair of clear or prescription lenses to improve the convenience, comfort and overall experience on your Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
1:17 – Installation
3:13 – My impressions

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