Cheaper Active Straps for the Meta Quest 3 from APEXINNO


In this video, I check out a pair of alternative cheaper Active Straps from APEXINNO. You can buy these knuckle straps for $13.49 with coupon from Amazon US ➡️ or for £16.99 from Amazon UK ➡️ and also from Amazon DE ➡️

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The official Active Straps from Meta are currently selling for a staggering £39.99 or $39.99 USD, which is a BIG ask for what is a bit of nylon strap and a battery door plastic. Thankfully we have third-party makers out there that can offer a similar package, at a much more wallet-friendly price.

The APEXINNO Active Straps for the Meta Quest 3 touch controllers look, on the surface at least, every bit as much as the official versions, but at just $14.99, that’s a lot more acceptable. So what do you get for well under half the price?

There are two colour options available, black and white, the black looks pretty similar, whilst the white version has a signature red line down each strap strap – oh and BTW, Meta’s straps only come in Black.

The battery door has a geometric texture over it, and its colour is a close but not perfect match. The texture can add some level of extra grip on the controller, but it’s so shallow that I doubt it will offer that much extra grip power to your controller handles.

Each door has the nylon straps attached to them with a screw to help fasten them down. The straps are quite thick, and a little stretchy (Around 0.5cm of extra stretch), which makes them easy to wear and remove without pulling at the back of your hand. A couple of velcro fasteners are on the inside to prevent loose ends from flapping about, as well as micro-adjustments for various hand sizes, so overall, these are great.

You have to take some extra care when pulling them on and making sure the latch inside the battery door clicks in place, otherwise they can be easily pulled away and break loose. Once attached there is a slight open seam on the top end of the controller, likely due to the thicker nylon straps inside.

For its price, the Action Straps from APEXINNO are a great buy for anyone looking for a simple, minimalistic look to their knuckle straps, without adding bulk to the overall grip. The buckle that attaches to the bottom is strong and study and a great design/solution for these types of grips.

Fitness fans might need to be careful with the nylon strap, as breathable as it might be, it will catch sweat and will require washing at some point to avoid that sweaty watch band smell. Otherwise, if you’re on the lookout for a stretchy simple strap, these are worth a look.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:32 – Unboxing
0:56 – Installation
4:00 – Demo
4:44 – My impressions

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