Let’s Go Chopping! – SideQuest – Oculus Quest Gameplay


Enjoy our Let’s Go Chopping! gameplay captured on the Oculus Quest.

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In this video, we check out Let’s Go Chopping! demo on SideQuest. It’s a fairly unique title that lets you run wild through the isles of a supermarket and collect various shopping items that you put in your shopping trolley. You can choose to take the trolley with you or run through the aisles collecting the items and then return to the trolley. Oh, and all whilst you do this there are waves of zombies hunting you down!

You get to collect cash by completing each round and you can use this cash to buy bigger and better weapons to help you complete harder difficulty levels. It’s an early beta title on SideQuest, with a paid version costing just $3 that unlocks laser sights for your pistol and various other weapons.

You can quite easily work up a sweat after 30+minutes of intense gameplay, as some zombies get more difficult to kill and they also get faster too. If you have enabled your Quest for SideQuest, it’s worth checking out.

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