Death Horizon: Reloaded Enhanced Update Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay

Enjoy our Death Horizon: Reloaded gameplay captured on the Oculus Quest.

In this video, we play through 30 minutes of the tutorial and the first two parts of the game. Showcasing two of the weapons available in the game, some explosives, reloading and using key cards. The update we played contained all the enhancements for the Quest 2 along with Halloween props and crawling severed hands straight from the Adams Family.

Death Horizon looks and plays really great on the Quest and more so with its Quest 2 enhancements. It is an older game on the Quest that’s fairly similar to Arizona Sunshine, but I find Death Horizon’s tight, bunker-like corridors adds more fear to the game, especially when various zombies can come crawling, walking and falling into the corridors you’re in, both in front and behind you!

I wasn’t a fan of its punishing checkpoint distances and ammo management and awareness could be improved upon. But otherwise, if you’re looking for a zombie shooter on Quest, Death Horizon: Reloaded is up there with the best of them.

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