Cybercade – SideQuest – Night Market Arcade & Casual modes – Oculus Quest Gameplay

Enjoy our Cybercade gameplay captured on the Oculus Quest.

In this video, I check out another great game on SideQuest – Cybercade. This demo features one map called Night Market, with more available in the paid premium version of the game on

Its gameplay is similar to games like Time Crisis from the arcades to Crisis VRigade (also on SideQuest), and it features a neon, cyberpunk aesthetic similar to Pistol Whip. Cybercade has you shooting bad guys and droids with your dual pistols, all while dodging bullets and shooting missiles out of the sky.

Casual mode lets you play without dying and Arcade mode ups the stress levels with three lives to hold on to through until the final boss. It’s a great SideQuest title that I hope gets more love and its developer evolves it further to an Oculus Store release. I’ll keep my pistols crossed for that one.

Install Cybercade to your Quest via SideQuest here

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