Zombieland Headshot Fever Review (Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay)

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Enjoy our Zombieland Headshot Fever Oculus Quest 2 Gameplay. You can download it now from the Oculus Store for £14.99. This is a capable on-rails skill-shot-based shooter on the Quest.

The game is loosely based on the movie franchise which includes all the key characters from the film, and a few select actors have applied the voice talent for their own character. The game carries over the same quirky writing and action that’s found in the Hollywood movie, which has been wrapped around what is a very capable VR shooter on the Quest.

Players are asked to polish their head-shooting skills across 12 standalone stages and a shooting gallery full of mini-games, building up to the much bigger tournament finalé. Stages and the shooting gallery challenges all have their own global leaderboards to compete in, which will offer additional repeat play value for anyone that wants to beat the world and their friends with their highest scores.

Each stage is varied, visually, in its gameplay and the amount and types of zombies you’ll face. They can be a little challenging in later stages, where zombies soon begin to come at you from all sides of you, and because you can’t move from your position, you face an instant end if any zombie takes a bite at your face.

The clue to playing successfully in the game is in the title itself. By shooting zombies in the head and chaining combos of the same action, you can slow down time, which will allow you to dispatch the zombies without wasting precious seconds. For me, I found the aiming a little off compared to other shoots, but with some early perks you can equip laser sights for your weapons to help improve your head-shooting accuracy.

Reloading was also a bugbear I found in the early stages of the game, whilst an early perk introduces auto reloading, which improved the gameplay greatly, making it far more fun and enjoyable, more so when stages got less forgiving.

I found that the game could have stood on its own, without the help from the movie franchise, however with so many shooters on the Quest, maybe it was needed in order for people to take notice and part their money with what is yet another VR shooter. With that said though, I was a little disappointed not to have seen the movie’s characters feature more in the games’ own stages, rather than only in the game’s menu and intro sequences. Even if they made a token appearance alongside you, it would have complimented the game much better.

Most of the time, movie-based games do not end up as a wining formula, however in the case of Zombieland Headshot Fever, the gameplay and fun factor shined brighter than the movie that it was attached to, and that’s no bad thing, especially at its more wallet-friendly asking price.

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0:00 – Tutorial
4:36 – Story Intro
6:18 – Stage 1
9:38 – Shooting Gallery
13:00 – Stage 2
16:25 – Achievements
17:55 – Shooting Gallery
21:01 – Stage 3
23:33 – Stage 4
27:42 – Stage 5
31:30 – Stage 6
33:37 – Shooting Gallery
39:00 – Stage 6 retry

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