Maximize Comfort and Protection: X-SuperHome Magnetic Grips for Meta Quest 3!


In this video, I check out the X-SuperHome Meta Quest 3 Magnetic Controller Grips. You can buy these grips for $14.39 with a coupon from Amazon US 馃憠馃徎

For anyone seeking protection for their Meta Quest 3 controller grips, these magnetic ErgoGrip accessories from X-SuperHome will certainly tick the box.

These simply pull apart magnetically and then reattach around the Quest 3 controller, quickly and easily. It’s probably the same speed, if not quicker, than sliding a controller out of a rubber silicone grip cover, and it protects the controller even more so, thanks to its strong entended plastic outer shell.

The grip itself is slightly longer in length, making this grip ideal for anyone looking for a Quest 3 grip for larger hands. There’s a small hole at the bottom for passing the stock wrist straps through, but with the added knuckle straps on these grips, I don’t feel there is a real need for that extra protection.

The knuckle straps themselves are a token gesture in terms of built quality and materials used. It’s cheap and cheerful and does the job, but its adjustment is frustrating, and with few notches remaining to tighten it, even with average hands, they don’t adjust as tightly if you require that for smaller hands or a very tight fit.

If you’re looking for grips to extend your Quest 3 controllers, if you have large hands and require an accessory to bulk the grip up, or if you need its magnetic pull-apart attachment, then do check these grips out. Otherwise, a few extra $ will offer much better quality, and comfort for us average-sized hand players.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing
0:52 – Features & Design
1:43 – Installation & Demo
5:14 – Black Quest 2 Magnetic Controller Grips
6:05 – My Impressions

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