What You Can Fit Inside the Oculus Quest 2 Carry Case & Review


Enjoy my Oculus Quest 2 Carry Case Review and what straps and accessories you can fit inside it.

You can buy the case for $49 or £49 from Oculus directly and also slightly cheaper via Amazon US here → https://amzn.to/3s07CFX or from Amazon UK here → https://amzn.to/33XdHL9.

In this video, I have purchased the Official Oculus Quest 2 carrying case, so we can see what exactly is meant to fit inside it, and afterwards, how many must-have accessories can also fit inside too.

The case is meant to take the Quest 2 with Elite Strap or Elite Strap with Battery attached. Two controllers, a charging adapter and a cable. Although that’s the bare minimum you will need when travelling with your Quest 2, it’s likely you will want to include a few additional accessories attached to your Quest 2, so how many can we fit inside and what types of accessories will not fit inside? I find all that and more out…

Fitting the Default Setup

First I fit the default amount. There’s plenty of extra room for batteries, clothes, rear foam pads and even custom interfaces and foam pads from VR Cover. At its most extreme, there is enough room up front to fit the headset, a glasses spacer, a VR Fitness Interface Set, and one of VR Cover’s thick foam replacement pads. Anything more and you might struggle to get the headset to sit between the front compartment and the base where the controllers sit inside.

Controller Accessories

I found this controller compartment a little bit of a hassle to work with. Especially when you add some controller accessories onto them. I first added the VR Cover Halo Protectors, which didn’t have an issue with this compartment and settled in nicely. However, adding in any form of grip starts to work against this inner compartment.

I added the KIWI design battery straps, which thanks to their thin silicone grips, fitted rather well. My favourite AMVR battery door grips with added ProStraps from ProTubeVR was a little more difficult, but still possible if you pull the pro strap grips upwards before pushing the grips into their separate compartments. You can still also stack the grips and they still fit inside the headset that wraps around them.

Longer or bulkier grips will likely struggle to get in this case. The long grips from KIWI certainly will not work without a tough fight, and any strain on the case’s zipper is not a good thing to do. Once that zip busts, say goodbye to any use of the case.

Head Straps

Next was head straps. We all know the Elite fits in perfectly well and adding the VR Cover rear foam pad fits in nicely too without any trouble. I explored my current setup, which was a BOBOVR M2 Pro Halo strap, with BestorX headphones and VR Cover Fitness Set and a foam pad. Sadly this case is just not fit for this setup. I tried removing the halo strap and seeing if it can be stowed another way, but the case is just too unforgiving for anything resembling a Halo strap.

So I turned to my other favourite strap – the KIWI Upgraded Elite Strap. Built similar to the official Elite Strap, this should if in right? No, it does not. Sadly. But there is a way…

The KIWI Elite Strap has a back padding that is just too big for the official case, however, if you unhook this part (which can be done very easily), it allows the rear strap to sit lower inside the case, bringing it forward slightly gives enough room for the rear pad to sit on top and the case can then be easily closed without any strain to the zipper.

Room for Battery Packs + More!

I took adding accessories inside this official case a little further by adding a VR Power 2 battery bank. With enough extra room at the bottom of the case, you can fit this bank under the rear pad and the case can still be closed without any issues. On top of that, I managed to fit in a 5m long Oculus Link cable from VR Cover, and there is still some spare room for additional accessories, like the portable power bank capsule from Destek, earbuds from Eyglo, or even the AMVR clip-on headphones should fit (unclipped) inside too. No other headphones should fit inside this case.

My Impressions

Overall, just like the original Quest 1 case from Oculus, this official case for the Quest 2 is well made, it looks and feels great, and it seems solid enough to protect your Quest 2 and its many accessories inside whilst being travelled around the outside world. I can see the point of the controller compartment but honestly, I think it would be better without it.

If you’re looking for a case for your Halo Strapped Quest 2, then look elsewhere for someone a little more dedicated to this strap design. Other low profile, Elite Strap style straps should also fit inside this case, but anything with a high ridged back or rear pad might struggle to fit with the lid closed and the case fully zipped up. If you have a KIWI Elite Strap, I would ask the question if you can be bothered to take off the rear pad to travel with your Quest 2 case, if you can’t I would look for a deeper case to accommodate this particular strap.

At $49 (or cheaper on Amazon), this case is a solid official solution to keeping your Quest 2 safe and sound, even with a bunch of accessories attached to it.


0:00 – Brief overview
1:04 – Quest 1 and Quest 2 Case Comparisons
2:26 – Inside the case
3:46 – My current Quest 2 setup + Does it fit?
4:23 – What Oculus wants you to fit inside
6:47 – Controller Accessories
7:16 – VR Cover Halo Protectors
7:39 – KIWI design battery grips
9:15 – AMVR battery grips + ProTubeVR ProStraps
10:09 – Head Straps
10:15 – VR Cover Fitness Interface + Foam Pad
11:07 – Official Glasses Spacer
11:55 – Jayol Halo Straps
12:30 – BoboVR M2/M2 Pro Halo Strap
12:41 – KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap
14:09 – Rebuff Reality VR Power 2 Battery Pack
15:20 – VR Cover 5m Oculus Link Cable
15:53 – What can you fit inside the Oculus Quest 2 Carry Case
16:58 – Halo Strap Cases & Alternatives

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