VRCover Cotton Cover for Oculus Quest Review

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If you already own an Oculus Quest you might have already discovered what is becoming commonly known as ‘Quest Face’. After some time in the Oculus Quest, you’ll notice that, once it has been removed, the number of red marks/blemishes around your eyes, cheeks and forehead – behold the ‘Quest Face’.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the effects of getting serious ‘Quest Face’, such as better application of the top head strap so that you don’t have to have the side straps pulled so tightly towards your face. This may also require some modding to attach a weight at the rear of the head strap.

All of this is great and they do achieve some way of reducing the effects of ‘Quest Face’, but the real culprit I believe is the Oculus Quest foam facial interface mask itself. It can feel a little bit too scratchy for your face at times. Props to Oculus, it is hard to make a mask that’s not only comfortable, firm and robust enough to last the task of putting the headset on and off. Sadly though, this firm foam padding in the stock facial interface is a little too much. Match this with a tight head strap and you add some discomfort to your face after over 30 minutes of playtime.

The Oculus Quest VR Cover isn’t to be confused with their more expensive Foam & Interface Basic Set from VR Cover. This VR Cover is simply a pair of soft cloth covers that wrap themselves around the existing Oculus Quest foam interface. They offer quick absorption thanks to their 100% cotton fabric that wicks away moisture from your face, enhancing the overall comfort of your headset whilst also protecting your stock foam facial interface.

You get two cotton covers in the pack, which is great if you wish to cycle installed covers by wearing one whilst the other is in the wash, ready to be swapped over once the current one gets dirty. This makes the VR Cover a way more hygienic solution than the stock facial interface, which is important if you find yourself regularly sharing the headset with others.

Insulation is really quick and simple. An elastic strap and hook strap system allows you to easily place the cover over and onto the Quest’s stock facial interface. These cotton covers can also attach themselves onto VR Cover’s own Oculus Quest Foam & Basic Set, which is great if you’re not a fan of its also sweat inducing pleather material, or if you wish to have the best of both worlds – longlasting comfort and hygiene.

The VR Cover cotton covers feel great when applied onto the Oculus Quest. It’s night and day comfort when comparing them against the stock ‘naked’ facial interface foam, which can feel a little scratchy after long use. The soft 100% cotton makes it feel like you’re placing your face into a comfy soft pillow in comparison, and it’s easy removal and attachment mixed with a second spare cover reassures me that I can keep my Quest facial interface hygienically clean and free from face sweat leaking into its stock foam.

For just $19.00 from VRCover.com the Oculus Quest Cotton VR Cover is a must-have accessory for the Oculus Quest. Utilising the stock foam interface also means you do not get the issue of reducing your field of view, which is a common issue found with thicker interface replacements. If you are looking for a cheap comfortable upgrade for your Oculus Quest, this Cotton VR Cover is a very recommended accessory that will hands-down enhance your VR experience.

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