VR Rock Prescription Lenses + Blue Light Filter + Anti-Glare Filter for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Review


In this video, I check out VR Rock Prescription Lenses + Blue Light Filter + Anti-Glare Filter for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. You can buy the PRODUCT from $56 from VR Rock directly here → and use COUPON CODE oqplay FOR 5% OFF YOUR ORDER. Certain options and high prescriptions will incur an increased cost.

If you were glasses, using them in the Quest 2 headset may feel uncomfortable or may also feel worried about scratching the lenses inside with your glasses. Sure there’s the free glasses spacer or using a thicker facial interface, but swapping out your glasses for a pair of prescription lenses is just a nicer and more convenient accessory for your Quest 2.

Your prescription lenses come in a small and compact, round hard covered zippable case. Once opened you have pockets for both left and right lenses, so you don’t have them touching each other if they were loose in the case.

The lenses themselves come pre-attached to their magnetic lens attachment rims. These simply snap around the two recessed grooves that are located around each Quest 2 lens. This makes for a very secure attachment for these magnetic rims, and they take some effort to remove them – which is a good thing.

The prescription lens ring also has two magnetics that matches the position of the rims, which allow you to position and lock the lenses in place, helped also by a small ridge on one side of the rims that help prevent the lenses from rotating on the attached rims.

My shortsighted prescription order was spot on, making my view of the oculus home screen menus much sharper than what I was used to when not wearing any glasses.

With the additional blue light and anti-glare filter for an extra $10 each, you get some added protection against eye strain and when playing closer to bedtime. The anti-glare will help reduce any external and internal glare that may occur, plus the lenses themselves will help protect the Quest 2 lenses from any accidental scratches.

So from , or $76 for the optional blue light and anti-glare filters, there is a lot to like here for any glasses wearer, in addition to anyone sharing their Quest 2 with other glasses wearers. Lenses will cost up to $40 more for thicker, more extreme prescriptions. So head on over to VR Rock to find out how much your prescription lenses will cost you, save yourself a ton of hassle and give your Quest 2 some added convenience and protection.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:40 – Ordering your prescription lenses
1:25 – Unboxing
2:50 – Installation
5:50 – My impressions
8:25 – Cost

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