VR Rock Magnetic Prescription Lenses Review: Enhance Clarity or Magnetically Challenged?


In this video, I check out the VR Rock Prescription Magnetic Lenses for the Meta Quest 3. You can currently buy a pair of Prescription Lenses starting from $42.75 for the slightest prescription directly from VR Rock ➡️ https://bit.ly/vrrock. Don’t forget my coupon code ‘OQPLAY’ at checkout to get 5%-OFF your order.

TL/DR: The VR Rock magnetic prescription lenses for the Meta Quest 3 offer a convenient way to enhance clarity for glasses wearers but have weaker magnets compared to competitors. Despite this, they provide good value with optional upgrades and free shipping. They may be slightly deeper than other lenses, causing potential issues with eyelash contact.

If you haven’t checked out my last review for their plug-in lenses, you can check out the review here, otherwise, if you’re a fan of magnetic lenses, then stay tuned as I will be looking at and comparing these magnetic lenses from VR Rock.

In the box, you’ll find a hard zippable carry case with your prescription lenses inside, and you’ll also find a supplied lens cleaning cloth.

The hard-backed zippable carry case features an inner sleeve on each side that holds each pair of magnetic lenses. Being magnetic lenses, you might not always have the lenses attached to your Meta Quest 3, so this is a very nice way to store them when not in use.

Looking over the lenses. They come in two separate magnetised frames. The first bottom frame is clipped into the lens area of the Quest 3, whilst the second top frame contains the prescription glass. Three magnets attach both frames, and there are clear indications of which frame goes into which lens on the Quest 3 on the inner side of each frame.

I’d say the magnetism probably isn’t the strongest I have experienced for lenses on the Quest 3, which is a little disappointing. Although this does make them easier to remove, they can also be quite easy to nudge and remove by accident as well.

The glass VR Rock uses looks a little bit thicker than some of its competitors, which means its frame is also slightly deeper to accommodate them. On the plus side though, its overall frame dimensions are bigger, so you are getting more glass for your money.

Installation is super easy, by simply clipping the lower frame onto the Quest 3 lenses and then attaching the magnetised upper frame with its prescription lens on top. The top layer aligns with the magnets and both frames snap together.

When seated alongside another pair of magnetised lenses, you can easily notice the difference and higher depth of the VR Rock lenses. Those with long eyelashes or very close field-of-view adjustment in their facial interface may find this extra depth a little bit frustrating.

With the lenses attached, I tried the VR Rock magnetic lenses out on several games to test their clarity and I found both of the supplied lenses were perfect for my prescription. The display quality was sharper than not using them at all, even with my slight near-sighted prescription.

Its built-in magnets make them easy to attach and remove, but if you brush past them or knock the headset, they do run a risk of coming loose and falling off. This is a common trait of magnetised lenses for the Quest 3; however, you can buy some magnetic lenses with much stronger magnetism. It’s just a shame that VR Rock has chosen magnets that are less strong than its rivals.

These VR rock magnetic lenses start from $74 for the slightest prescription and increase in price with stronger prescriptions and upgrades. They offer a lot of free upgrades when you order, such as oil, scratch, and dust resistance, with anti-glare and anti-blue light filters being the two paid upgrades at $5 each. They are currently offering free worldwide shipping today with your order, so if you’re interested, you can check out my links down below to learn more, support the channel and buy yourself a pair using my 5%-off coupon code OQPlay.

Overall, I found these magnetic prescription lenses to be a great accessory for the Meta Quest 3 for any glasses wearer, as they offer a great way to share the headset with other non-glasses wearers. Unfortunately, the magnets they chose weren’t the strongest compared to its competitors; however, they do stay put and allow for easy removal without touching the lenses too much.

My main concern with them is that they are slightly deeper in depth, so I find that my eyelashes do tend to brush the glass more often than the other lower-profile prescription lenses for the Quest 3. So if you find yourself with the same problem, you may have to adjust your facial interface to accommodate them.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:19 – Unboxing
0:42 – Magnetic Frame Design
1:14 – Prescription Glass & Comparison
1:28 – Installation
1:41 – Fitted Comparison
1:55 – My impressions

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