VR Cover’s Thinnest Foam Covers Yet! | Minimal Replacement Set for Oculus Quest 2 Review vs Cool XG


Enjoy my Minimal Replacement Set for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy this new set for $19 or €19 from VR Cover directly here → http://bit.ly/VRCoverMinimal or the Cool XG I also mention here → https://bit.ly/VRCGelPads

So today VR Cover released a new foam cover onto their store, and with that I can now talk about the Minimal Replacement Cover that I’ve been using over the past few weeks.

These foam covers are similar in thickness to the Cool XG gel and foam covers that I have also reviewed on this channel, yet there are some differences in their shape, materials and colour.

Inside, there is just foam and they come in two sizes, standard and comfort. They only come in just one colour. Dark grey. Which is the same colour as their rear foam pad for the elite strap. Like all Foam pads from VR Cover they come with the same PU leather material, So they can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or a wipe.

They are the thinnest and narrowest VR Cover has ever gone with their foam pads. So if its thickness was ever an issue for you, then maybe these covers might be something worth checking out.

The main aim for these covers is to shorten the distances between your eyes and the lenses, to increase the field of view and enhance the immersive experience. You will certainly see the results coming from the thicker padding or default stock interface. But if you already use a thin foam pad, then the differences start to be very subtle or no difference at all.

You can get these foam pads from their worldwide store, and they will be available in Europe and US stores in a few weeks time. They retail for $19 or €19 from VR Cover directly. Which is at the top end of what I would pay for these covers.

You will also need either their own facial interface or a velcro based facial interface to stick these foam pads onto. They work great with the AMVR interface just as well as their own.

Personally I prefer the Cool XG pads. They have a bit comfort around the cheekbone area. And the field of view differences are pretty much the same to me. The positive point is that they are $10 cheaper than the Cool XG and that the colour matches the rear foam pad of theirs. So if you are price
Conscious and you are looking for thinner pads to enhance immersion then this are a great alternative to the Cool XG gel pads, but with the thinner foam and narrower shape these didn’t help with my overall comfort, so I’ll be sticking with the VR Cover Cool XG pads on my Quest.


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
1:06 – Comparison vs Original
1:35 – Comparison vs Cool XG
2:55 – Overall impressions

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