VR Cover Slim Foam Replacement – Oculus Quest Review

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If you already own an Oculus Quest you might have already discovered what it is like to have a ‘Quest Face’. After some time in the Oculus Quest, you’ll notice the number of red marks/blemishes around your eyes, cheeks and forehead – behold the ‘Quest Face’.

To reduce the effects of getting serious ‘Quest Face’, you can adjust the top head strap so that you don’t have to have the side straps pulled in so tightly towards your face. This may also require some modding to attach a weight at the rear of the head strap.

Doing the above does reduce the effects of getting ‘Quest Face’, but the real culprit I believe is the stock Oculus Quest foam itself. It’s a little bit too scratchy for your face. It is an achievement that Oculus has made a foam that’s not only comfortable and firm but also robust enough to last the task of taking the headset on and off. Sadly though, the firm padding in the stock foam can still be a little too much; tied with a tight head strap and you add some discomfort to your face after around 30+ minutes of playtime.

The Slim (top) has a thinner, flatter foam that allows more contact with your face

The Oculus Quest Foam Replacement Slim is a new thinner replacement foam from VR Cover that only works with their custom Oculus Quest facial interface. The Slim complements the other Standard and Comfort foam covers that come with the VR Cover Foam & Interface Basic Set, so you’ll need to buy this also if you do not have it.

So why would you want this Slim replacement foam? Well, some of you might find VR Cover’s Standard or Comfort foam replacements to be a little too thick for your tastes, or perhaps they reduce your FOV slightly. Being much thinner, the Slim does the opposite in fact. Because of the thinness that the Slim foam allows, your eyes can be a little closer to the Oculus Quest lenses, and as a result of this you gain a little extra field of view (FOV) that other foam pads from VR Cover and Oculus’ stock foam padding allows.

Putting on the Slim foam replacement is as simple as removing the Standard or Comfort cover from the hook and loop system around the facial interface and attaching the Slim foam replacement. You get two Slim covers in the package, so you can wash or wipe down one cover, whilst wearing the other.

Thickness of the Slim (left), Standard (middle) and Comfort (right) foam pads

With the Slim applied and placing the Quest back on my head, I soon saw the advantages of my eyes being closer to the Oculus Quest lenses, and the increased FOV you get by being just a few millimetres closer to them. It was surprising how obviously different it can be with just such a small adjustment. Remove any cover from you Quest and put it on and you’ll see what I mean. You do need a foam padding though, otherwise, without one it would get pretty uncomfortable.

This increase in FOV has a trade-off for a slight reduction in overall comfort with the Slim. The thinner padding in the Slim is roughly around half the thickness of the Standard foam. You can probably fit two Slims inside the Comfort foam VR Cover. So if you think you need more cushioning, then the Slim may not be for you.

For me, I found the Slim just as comfortable as the Comfort and Standard foam, I had enough support in the forehead area, thanks to its now flatter, wider surface area. This extra contact area with your face also meant that the Quest doesn’t slip down as much as it does with other covers I have used. Match the Slim with the upcoming VR Cover rear strap padding and you get a really comfortable and stable Quest experience.

Note the bottom tip widths of the Comfort (top), Standard (middle) and Slim (bottom)

Before attaching the Slim and rear head strap padding from VR Cover, I was close to pulling the trigger on a VIVE Deluxe Audio Strap mod, but now I feel much less inclined now to make that purchase, saving a whole lot of time and money. With both of these items on the Quest feels really solid now and compared to the DAS, it probably remains a lot lighter too and I get to fit it in the official Oculus Quest Travel Case.

The one issue I have with all VR Cover foam sizes, including the Slim, it is the narrow bottom cheekbone padding. If the Slim had the same width as the bottom of the Comfort foam, or if it had a little more, I think it would be perfect. This is because, with the weight of the Quest headset, I always feel the edging of the padding dig into the skin below my cheekbones area. Over time this causes irritation and sometimes deep lines can form after a long session. With a little extra width in the material in the lower region of the foam on the Slim, it would be perfect. It’s that or relocated the stitching from the edges to behind the backside of the foam so that the edging is softer on the face.

With all that said though, I am nitpicking, and this issue would be less of a problem if I played a little more with my headset and its straps, to bring more pressure to the forehead or explore some additional counterweight by adding a battery pack to the rear of the headset. But for $19.99, the Slim foam replacement is a perfect addition to the suite of foam replacement covers for the Oculus Quest. If you already own the basic kit and you would like to get closer to the action, whilst also having the extra hygiene and comfort from the PU leather foam padding, give the Oculus Quest Foam Replacement Slim from VR Cover a try.

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