VR Cover Silicone Cover Grey for Oculus Quest 2 – Install & First Impressions Video

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Enjoy our VR Cover Silicone Cover for Oculus Quest 2 first-impressions review. You can buy the VR Cover Silicone Cover direct for $14.99. Buy the VR Cover Facial Interface Kit for $24.99

In this video we show you what’s in the packet, we then take you through how to install the VR Cover Silicone cover, and finally, we give you our first-impressions of the cover for Oculus Quest 2 stock foam interface.

The advantage of the VR Cover Silicone cover is if you are into your fitness VR games or you generally sweat loads whilst in VR, then the Silicone cover makes using your Oculus Quest 2 much more hygienic as well as protecting the stock foam interface that’s underneath it.

Attaching them to your stock foam interface is very quick and easy to do. Another great feature of the Silicone cover is that you get a nose cover built into the cover, which adds to the total immersion whilst in VR, with much less light leaking underneath your nose. It’s cold to the face at first, which is refreshing when in a hot environment, yet the silicone can stick onto your face a little and with movement it could cause a little irritation to your skin. Although this effect is reduced thanks to the medical grade material over more oil-based covers out there, ‘Quest face’ is still there.

Buy the VR Cover Silicone Cover for Quest 2 here.
Buy the Facial Interface Kit for Quest 2 here.


00:00 Intro
00:42 In the packaging
01:23 Install
05:15 First-impressions

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