VR Cover Premium 2M USB-C Oculus Link Cable for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my VR Cover Premium 2-Meter Long USB-C Cable for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy the 2-meter long Oculus Link cable for $14.90 from VR Cover directly here → or buy the fast 5-meter long fiber-optic cable for $59 here → .

VR Cover are normally associated with facial interfaces and silicone covers, but more recently they have been venturing into the domain of other accessories for the Quest 2 VR headset and its controllers, with the likes of grip straps, cases, and sensor ring protectors.

Today they have released two new cable accessories for the Quest 2 for use with Oculus Link. The 2-meter version is a USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 copper cable with Power Delivery support for up to 20V/3A of fast charging, it contains premium components to get yourself fast bandwidth speeds. Although it supports up to 5Gbps, I managed to get 2.8Gbps in my PCVR tests over Oculus Link, running the Oculus Link App version 30.0.

Speeds like this are more than enough for use with Oculus Link. Its braided cable helps you not create any kinks and its short length helps you not trip over it so easily, whilst also being a length that’s well suited for desktop use, such as playing sit-down titles like Star Wars Squadrons, flying or racing sims where you’re seated and do not need much cable length whilst in VR.

More active games will require a longer cable, as long as your room allows it. The 2m length is just a little too short for room-scale VR, and you will soon feel the pull of the tethered cable as you walk further away from your PCVR machine. Luckily, VR Cover has also released a 5-meter long cable, which’s much faster (10Gbps) thanks to its fiber-optical innards, but at $59 you have to really be in the VR long game if you think the fiber-optical cable will do any better than a much cheaper copper one, right now.

Simultaneous charging with the VR Cover’s 5m cable will be the main standout point between the two cables. The 2m coper cable will not deliver enough charge to your Quest 2 as you play over link. In my own test with a low charged Quest 2, I just didn’t get enough power to the Quest during my playtime, resulting in my Quest 2 powering off mid way through my session. So the 5m cable is good for that at least.

So if you’re home network setup isn’t that great for AirLink or Virtual Desktop, using a cable with Oculus Link is still the cheapest solution that doesn’t involve investing in an expensive 5Ghz Wi-Fi 6 router setup. VR Cover may be late to the party with their Oculus Link cable offering, but they have shown up with a premium bottle of bubbly and some cheesy snacks when you compare its performance and quality over some cheaper offerings that were released some time ago – if only their cheaper option was that little bit longer.


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3:30 – Charging

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