VR Cover Limited Edition Facial Interface Set for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 + Controller Skin Update


Enjoy my VR Cover Limited Edition Facial Interface Set + Controller Skin Update video.

You can buy the Limited Edition Facial Interface Set from VR Cover directly for $29 or €29 → https://bit.ly/VRCoverInterface.

Buy my new colour matching controller skins from my Etsy shop here – www.oqplay.com/sticker.

In this video, I take a look at each Limited Edition facial interface set and foam pads from VR Cover. These are in collaboration with two key VR content creators on YouTube – Thrillseeker and Virtual Reality Oasis.

Edition Colours

The Thrillseeker Edition comes in a pastel pink shade, with its internal walls of the interface coloured in matt black to help prevent any light leaking in from the sides of the interface due to its lighter colour. The nose piece comes in a standard medical-grade grey colour, which is a shame to see, as it would have been nicer in black or even a similar pink colour.

The VR Oasis Edition comes in a turquoise blue colour, again with its black internal walls and grey nosepiece. There are branding logos on both the top left sides of the interface and a less obvious VR Cover branding on the top right.

On the back and inside of the interface, you’ll find the same set of velcro points that the included white/grey foam padding set will attach to. Two sets of foam pads come with the interface, the thicker one will reduce FOV slightly than the thinner pad, so the thinner (still well-padded) pad is recommended.

Fitness Edition

These interfaces mirror VR Cover’s earlier model of the interface, so they don’t carry the traits found on the much newer redesigned (and better IMO) Fitness interface and foam pad set they sell. So you won’t find increased air channels, a wider nose piece or a more flexible and fitting plastic/rubber combo material that’s found on the fitness edition.

This is still a great interface, however, just as long as you desire branding and colour scheme over fit and comfort. To work alongside this colour option I have released two new controller skins to work in harmony with the two Limited Edition interfaces from VR Cover.

Controller Skins

You’ll find both Pink and Light Blue options on my Etsy shop – oqplay.com/sticker – they come in gloss vinyl material that’s easy to remove as much as they are to put on. These join by existing Red and Blue colour options, with many more colour options releasing in the near future. So if you have a colour in mind, get in touch and let me know what colours you would like to see.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:31 – Thrillseeker Limited Edition
2:28 – Fitness Edition Comparison
2:57 – Pink Touch Controller Skin
4:03 – VR Oasis Limited Edition
4:55 – Light Blue Touch Controller Skin
6:05 – Both Editions Compared

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