VR Cover Headset Replacement Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review

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Enjoy our VR Cover Headset Replacement Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy the VR Cover Replacement Strap for $24 or €24 from VR Cover directly here → http://bit.ly/VRCHeadstrap/

This is an ergonomic adjustable strap that improves the wearability of the headset and it is made to improve the overall comfort, over the default stock strap that comes with the Quest 2. The strap can be adjusted in more ways than the stock strap offers, and it gives anyone with a bigger head a way to get more comfort out of this strap too.

In the box you get the replacement head strap itself and a paper instruction guide on how to fit it onto your Quest 2 headset. The strap itself comes in three parts: a T-strap and one short and one long strap.

How it attaches onto the Quest 2 and also around your head is pretty unique, but due to its complexity it can be overwhelming with all the many adjustment points you have available to you.

The VR Cover straps are not as elastic as the stock strap, so getting the straps right for your head can be at challenge at first, it helps to have it loose at first and then whilst wearing it on your headset you can play with each velcro point to get the best fit for your head shape.

When you get all the straps right, the head set feels very solid on your head, and it certainly makes it more stable on your head than the stock soft strap does. My main worry though is that once you get the straps perfect, you wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else, as you would have to go through all the adjustment again with them, and once again after you put it back on. The soft strap was good for this, but this VR Cover replacement is really suited if you are the only wearer of it.

I like the idea of having part of the strap cup the lower back of your head, this part adds to the overall support of the headset over the soft strap. But, to get this lower strap around the back of your head, you will likely position this strap over your ears, which adds a little discomfort to the strap. In the end to get this strap away from my ears, I found that I had to wear this lower strap close to the horizontal portion of the strap. If there was more of an attachment point nearer the back of the strap, this would have been better.

The VR Cover head strap replacement for the Oculus Quest 2 retails for $24 from VR Cover directly, and you can check out the links to buy it below. If you have broken your stock strap, getting it replaced with an official stock strap will cost you $19, so I am not sure if this strap is worth the extra cost if you were happy with the stock strap.

Its many adjustment straps offer you lots of extra comfort and gives extra support for the headset itself than the stock strap, but its cost is halfway to an official Elite Strap, which offers much better comfort and easier adjustable support for multiple wearers.

You can buy the VR Cover Replacement Strap for $24 or €24 from VR Cover directly here → http://bit.ly/VRCHeadstrap/

Here are just some of the products and accessories that you see me wear in this video, so you can grab them too!

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Retro Cassette Poster Print → https://biglime.etsy.com


0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Brief overview
1:17 – Installation
9:08 – Overall impressions

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