VR Cover Foam Interface & Basic Kit – Oculus Quest Review [v2 Update]

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[Updated – 5 August – We have updated this review to reflect the changes made now available to its updated facial interface, which is now shipping to all buyers of the basic kit]

If you already own an Oculus Quest you might have already discovered what is becoming commonly known as ‘Quest Face’. After some time in the Oculus Quest you’ll notice that, once it has been removed, the number of red marks/blemishes around your eyes, cheeks and forehead – behold the ‘Quest Face’. 

There are a number of things you can do to reduce the effects of getting serious ‘Quest Face’, such as better application of the top head strap so that you don’t have to have the side straps pulled so tightly towards your face. This may also require some modding to attach a weight at the rear of the head strap. 

All of this is great and they do achieve some way of reducing the effects of ‘Quest Face’, but the real culprit I believe is the Quest foam face mask itself. It’s a little bit too scratchy for your face. Props to Oculus, it is hard to make a mask that’s not only comfortable, firm and robust enough to last the task of putting the headset on and off. Sadly though, this firm foam padding in the stock face mask is a little too much; tied with a tight head strap and you add some discomfort to your face after around 30+ minutes of playtime. 

The set includes a replacement facial interface and two padded PU leather covers

The Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set features a replacement facial interface and a pair of wipeable PU leather foam replacements in two padding sizes: standard and comfort.

Both of the foam paddings prevent light leakage, except for at your nose, and thanks to the hook and loop system around the replacement facial interface you can switch between them to find the best fit and immersion for you. 

The comfort padded version has a thicker, broader pad that helps to distribute the weight of the device better. Whilst the thinner, standard foam puts you closer to the display, offering a wider field of view and tighter fitting.

Between the two sizes you get a slightly wider and thicker variant

Although I had more light blocked around the nose area with the comfort pad, I found its size to be a little too padded, which reduced the immersion and I still found some uncomfortable pressure around my cheekbones. The smaller standard pad let in a little more light around the nose, but no different to the stock facial interface, however, it felt more comfortable out of the two that are supplied. 

The foam pads are made from a PU leather material, which allows you to easily wipe off any sweat that they may create with them attached. Compared to the stock foam interface, I found the pleather material would make my face sweat more than the stock foam, or that the stock foam wicked this moisture away from my face, whilst the pleather holds it more on the surface.

The replacement facial interface with hook and loop edging to attached covers to

With the pleather material, you are able to simply wipe it down with a moist cloth or an antibacterial wipe, which help makes this VR Cover a way more hygienic solution than the stock fabric interface. This may be important to you if you find yourself regularly sharing the headset with others.

Insulation is really quick and simple. With the stock interface removed you attach the replacement interface back onto the Oculus Quest and then attach your choice of foam pad size on to its hook and loop edging. Attaching the pad on correctly is important to achieving the best comfort from this VR Cover. I found attaching it too close to the inside made the sewn edges of the pads stick into your face near your nose. It took a little time to get it just right.

Using the right pleather pad size that fits you can make the VR Cover feel great when wearing them on the Oculus Quest. During long sessions, it’s night and day comfort when comparing them against the stock ‘naked’ interface, which can feel a little scratchy after long use. For the ultimate in comfort, you can spend an extra $19.99 for the Oculus Quest VR Cover cotton covers, which help absorb the sweat whilst giving you comfort from the sized pads.

The replacement facial interface with Standard cover attached

The latest update of the VR Cover facial interface has addressed the main concern we had with the first release of its Oculus Quest VR Cover. The revised clips at the top and the new additional clips around the nose now firmly lock the VR Cover in place. After a few weeks of regular use, I can report that I never had the VR Cover come off and the revised hook and loop surface, although smooth to the touch, still manages to keep the foam pads in place very well.

It is great to see VR Cover take on board all the feedback and address the original frame and clip system very quickly. They’ve resent anyone who has had issues with the first version of the facial interface with the newly updated version, which is fantastic service from them. With these adjustments made, it has made the VR Cover now worth every penny, thanks to the comfort and extra enjoyment it brings to the Oculus Quest.

Bottom view of VR Cover and Standard padded option attached

Retailing at $29.00 direct from the VR Cover Store the Oculus Quest Foam & Interface Basic Set is a must-have accessory if you are having any issues with the stock foam interface or you are simply looking for a comfort upgrade for your Oculus Quest, the VR Cover Foam & Interface Basic Set is an excellent accessory that will not only enhance the comfort of your VR experience but it will help keep it hygienic too.

Check our complete review for the VR Cover Cotton Covers here.

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