VR Cover Facial Interface Glasses Spacer for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my VR Cover Facial Interface Glasses Spacer review. You can buy this Interface Spacer for $9 from VR Cover directly here → .

If you are a glasses wearer and you got a VR cover you probably already know that you can’t use the default glasses spacer that came with your Oculus Quest with your VR Cover. Thankfully though VR cover is listen to its userbase and have released their own glasses spacer.

In the box you get a manual that tells you how to install the glass spacer onto your facial interface and you get the VR cover glasses spacer itself.

I’m not glasses wearing myself so I can’t give you a thorough review of this spacer. The actual space that it gives you is very similar to the Oculus default spacer, so I can’t see this doing anything worse than the current spacer already does. The bonus though, is that this spacer works with the foam interface kit from VR Cover, so if you are a glasses wearer and you are tried of running the risk of scratching your lenses, then you can use this spacer with your Oculus Quest and VR Cover facial interface and you get the best of both.

Installation is super easy, you clip the spacer between the Quest and Facial Interface from VR Cover. Once installed this will create enough space, 4.3mm in fact, for your glasses to sit in front of and not touch the lenses of the Quest. This space gives you better peace of mind and a better VR experience without worrying about damaging your Quest.

The spacer comes in one colour, a Dark Grey colour that matches their Dark Grey version of Facial Interface. Once clipped on it can be difficult to notice it just peeking over the edges of the Quest headset. It clips on very well, even better than the interface clips on to the Quest itself.

The original VR Cover didn’t work with the default spacer, so if you are on the fence of getting a VR Cover facial interface, now is the time to pick up a interface kit and spacer if you are a glasses wearer.


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
0:32 – Unboxing
0:45 – Features
1:19 – Installation
1:37 – Fit & my impressions

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