VR Cover Cool XG Soft Gel Replacement Set for Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my VR Cover Cool XG Soft Gel Replacement Set. You can buy this Gel Replacement Set for $29 from VR Cover directly here →

We have covered a number of facial interface kits for the Oculus Quest 2 and most of them come with 2 foam pads in the set. All of them are mostly foam-based but these particular pads that we are looking at today from VR Cover have a gel layer inside them.

These will not work with the stock interface, you will have to use the VR Cover interface or any other interface that features a velcro system on the inside of the interface – which is pretty much all interfaces on the Quest 2.

Inside there is a cool gel layer. It definitely gives you a cool sensation when compared to the foam pads from VR Cover. There are 2 that come in the pack, one that is thick and one that is thin. They are covered with PU leather material, so they are great for fitness where you can easily wipe down sweat from the pad.

Usually, I go for the thinner version of foam pads from VR Cover, but with these gel ones, I had to choose the thicker padding instead. The thin one will be great for people who like to be closer to their lenses and for improved field of view, but for me, the thicker one matched the same thickness as the thinner foam pads from VR Cover, so in short, it gave me much better comfort than the thin pad offers. The overall shape of them isn’t any different, so it is just the thicknesses of them that are mainly different between themselves and also the foam pads.

The differences between the foam and gel pads are mostly that the gel pads are cooler on your face, initially, but as your face heats up the gel they then adopt a normal temperature.

These gel pads are not completely full of gel. There is a thin foam layer at the bottom, with the gel layer on top, and then finally the PU leather cover wraps them all together, whilst on the back, there is the velcro material all around it to attach it onto the facial interface.

does feel a little steep to me. I think if they shaved off $10 it would make these much more desirable and worth recommending. It is great though that VR Cover has begun selling these foam pads separately and that you don’t have to buy their entire facial interface. So anyone with a different interface can also wear these too.

Overall, the sensation is really nice. It feels softer to the touch than the foam, a little more forgiving, yet it still creases and leaves marks on your face after a long sweaty session of FitXR or Beat Saber. If I were to choose between the foam pads I recently reviewed, and these ones, I would choose these gel ones as they just feel a bit more premium and nicer on your face.


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
1:37 – Thickness comparison
3:40 – Install & impressions

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