VR Cover Carry Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Review + KIWI Elite Strap Break!


Enjoy my VR Cover Carry Case for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 Review.

You can buy the VR Cover Case for $29 from VR Cover directly here →

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In this video, I take a look at the VR Cover Carry Case for the Quest 2 headset and its controllers. Retailing at just over half the cost of the official carry case from Meta/Oculus, then if you are price conscious then the VR Cover ticks the boxes as a decent carry case for the default Quest 2 setup and a few key accessories.

Inside the case is a moulded compartment main padding, covered in a soft velvet-like material. There are two elastic velcro straps to keep it all sitting inside the case when you open it, and the inside of the clamshell opening top part of the case is kept tidy with two zipped pockets to stow power cables, link cables, chargers, earbuds and small batteries.

Snug Fit And No Head Straps

The Quest 2 in its birthday suit fits snug in each of the recessed padded compartments of the case. I’ll be honest, I was really hoping this case was hollow inside, without any internal padded compartments. This is because, at the same size as the official case, you could have easily fitted a head strap in this case, but sadly this case doesn’t allow it. It is made for the default soft strap, and at most there is room for a rear head pad from VR Cover themselves, or from other makers such as AMVR, KIWI and BestwinVR.

The small area behind the headset can also be used to stow batteries, a wall charger or power banks. I managed to fit a VR Power 2 in there just fine without putting any stress on the case or zip.

Controllers + More!

The controller compartments are very snug without accessories attached to them, however, although VR Cover says it wasn’t compatible, I was able to fit controllers in the case with their Halo protectors attached and also the Pro Grips from KIWI design. So pretty much all you need can fit in this case, minus the head strap.

With added bulk on the main side of the case, the lid pocket pounces could only fit more flatter accessories. I was able to fit in a 5m-long optical cable from VR Cover, the Quest 2 power cable and a DesTek capsule battery pack just fine.

Overall Impressions

So there is a lot to like about this case. It’s a shame that no head strap would fit in the case, but if you are still using the default soft strap with or without a rear pad, and you use thinner knuckle grips, such as the KIWI design pro grips or AMVR grips, then this case might be just what you’re looking for.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:53 – External Case & Official Case Comparison
2:27 – Inside Case
4:20 – Fitting Controllers
4:55 – Fitting Headset
5:49 – Fitting other accessories
6:30 – Fitting Halo Covers
7:11 – Fitting KIWI design Pro Grips
8:16 – Fitting Head Straps
11:03 – Maxing out with MORE accessories
13:03 – Overall impressions

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