Vakdon / Eyglo Full Protection Grip and Knuckle Strap for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controller Review

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Enjoy our Vakdon / Eyglo Full Protection Grip and Knuckle Strap for the Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers. You can buy these grips for $17.99 or £18.99 from Amazon US directly here → or from Amazon UK here →

This is a silicone protective grip for the Quest 2 Touch Controllers that features a sensor ring protector and an ergonomic grip with an adjustable knuckle strap. A pair of silicone caps are also included that attaches on to the Touch Controller’s analog sticks for improved comfort.

On the grip part of this cover there are some ergonomic ridges for your fingers to rest into, and the textured surface is located further around the grip handle and it features a more triangular grid pattern to improve air flow and reduce sweat from building up in this area.

Underneath there is a cut out hole to allow you to pass the official wrist strap through, and moulded onto the bottom and top ends of the grip there are wide loops to attach the bundled nylon knuckle strap to.

There are no ear buckles to attach on this grip, because the grip holds onto the controller by attaching itself around the sensor ring. There are holes cut out around the protector to allow the LED emitters to be tracked and there’s some additional padding in places to help cushion the sensor ring if it makes contact with a hard surface.

Attaching the grip is super simple. You just slide the grip onto the handle first and then pull the sensor ring protector over the sensor ring on the controller to secure the whole grip in place.

Bundled with these grips are a pair of silicone thumb stick caps. These are pretty tricky to attach onto the thumb sticks at first, but when you get to slip them on, they improve the feel of them by making them slightly wider and taller.

Because the knuckle strap doesn’t need to attach into the sensor ring, your thumb has better freedom of movement, because the strap doesn’t alter your grip on the controllers, which is a trait that so many grips and knuckle straps have.

Unfortunately, what lets this grip down is the thickness of material in certain places, there’s no face button cover to help improve its structure, and the strap material they have decided to use on this grip.

For me, I find the strap too narrow, and I am not a fan of the nylon material either – it really cheapens the whole impression of grip for me. Thankfully on this grip the strap is removable, which makes it super easy to replace the strap with a better alternative strap.

I tried a number of alternative straps with this grip, but the best combo I found were the ProTraps from ProTube VR. This strap made the controller much more comfortable and it was very close to making this strap my ultimate grip for the Quest 2 Touch controllers. But the silicone they have used in places and the missing face button cover would have made it perfect.

The thickness of the silicone is just a little too thin, and this makes the grip a little loose in certain places around the controller where you need the most support. If they added the face button cover from the last grip I reviewed, that would have made this whole grip far more firm and supportive and if they increased the thickness of the silicone around the sensor ring and at both loop points, where the strap attaches to the grip, then I think this would make this grip so much better.

This is a decent combination grip and protector for the Quest 2 Touch Controllers. But its let down by the quality of materials and the lack of support where you need it the most. It’s a decent and cheaper alternative to the grip and halo protector combo. So with that in mind it’s actually a decent cost effective accessory if you can look past it’s much cheaper build quality and it’s strap that you might end up replacing.

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0:00 – Intro
0:17 – Brief overview
1:28 – Grip features
3:35 – Installation
4:00 – Overall impressions

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