Ultra Small & Lightweight Power Bank for Oculus Quest 2 | UPDATED Destek Capsule Power Bank Review


Enjoy my Destek Capsule Power Bank Review. You can buy this power bank for $32.99 or £32.99 from Amazon US here → https://amzn.to/3GJZX5d or from Amazon UK here → https://amzn.to/3q3YroD.


So the stock Quest 2 battery will give you around 2 to 3 hours of battery life, depending on the apps and games you will be using on it. Once its battery has run out, you either have to end your sessions and begin to charge it, or you could get a number of accessories, such as the Official Elite Strap with Battery Pack, connecting your headset to a wall charger with a long USB-C cable, to attaching battery packs like the Rebuff Reality VR Power 2, or grabbing a battery pack and strapping it either onto your headset or in a nearby pocket.

Battery packs are a cheap and effective way to extend the battery life of your Quest 2, but they can be heavy, bulky things, and if you spend only 30 minutes to a little over an hour in your headset each time, you might not want to permanently attach a battery strap or battery pack to your head strap when you might only need a small emergency top up of battery to complete a level or finish up a round of multiplayer. 


This is where this small and lightweight Battery Pack from Destek comes in. This is a small 3300mAh battery pack that you simply connect into the USB-C charging port on the side of the Quest 2 and it will give you an extra one and a half hours of extra play time. There’s no need for attaching any extra straps, or big bulky battery packs. It’s simply plug and play. 

You can get some counterweight effects with some heavier battery straps, but if you use the default soft strap, or straps like the Halo Strap, none of these offer a decent way to counterbalance the headset, so if you use either of these kind of straps, this battery pack from Destek is a decent solution to extend your VR session that little bit longer.

Simple plug and play battery for emergency 1.5 extra playtime

Size & Charging

It is fairly small at 7.4cm long, 21.9cm wide and, when plugged in without it’s adapter, it sticks out around 27.5cm from the side of the headset. So compared to other battery packs, as far as its size goes, it is pretty discrete. Unfortunately it comes in this classic battery yellow and black colour, which does make it visually stand out once it is plugged in. Personally I would have preferred a colour that matched or at least blends in with the Quest 2 headset.

It requires a full charge out of the box, and to do that you need to plug in the bundled micro-USB cable into the power bank and the other end into a powered wall adapter. Charging took well over hour, using a pretty powerful wall adapter. The blue status light on the inside of the power bank keeps you updated on its charging and fully charged status. This light also shines down onto the headset when it’s connected, which makes it easier to see if it is charging and when it has ran out of charge. I would have preferred to have been able to charge the battery pack from the same USB-C socket, and I would have also liked to see a series of battery level status lights on the case, so I could check how much battery was remaining on it.

Weight & Connection

It weighs just 56grams, or 1.97ounces, so once connected to the headset its weight doesn’t feel significant enough to pull the headset to one side. The battery pack only connects to the headset through its USB-C socket, so how well it connects is really important if you want it to stay connected to the headset during any fast head movement. Because it sticks out just a little away from the headset, it does have the ability to move from side to side, however you don’t feel this when wearing the headrest, but it could lead to the battery pack eventually coming loose over time.

The other issue is that this battery pack will cover the headphone port that sits very close to the USB-C port on the headset. To counter this, Destek provides a right-angled USB adapter that positions the battery pack further away from the headphone port. It also positions the battery 90 degrees on its side, so you lose the blue LED battery status light from shining onto the headset below, and if you have a thick strap connector, like the kiwi design elite strap, you can’t use this elbow adapter at all. 

Fits well, stays attached, weights light enough not to feel it

Performance & Impressions

The Quest 2 has a 3640mAh battery inside the headset, with 14-Watts per hour charging speed. So this 3300mAh will almost fully charge your headset to give you that extended 1.5 hours of playtime. So how did it work out in practice…

For me, it worked really well. It’s small size doesn’t impact the overall weight of the headset. So it doesn’t feel like it’s adding any extra weight to the left side of the headset. It does wobble a little bit in the socket, yet with some vigorous shaking I couldn’t get it to come away from the socket. Only when adding some pressure to the battery could I make it rock in the USB-C socket. 

I found charging time was similar to the length it takes to charge the Quest 2 headset. So it pays to keep it charged and ready for use when you need it. Its size also makes it very easy to stow in a bag for use if you’re away from home. And it’s small size means you can plug it in easily without the need to strap it to a head strap. 

Because of how it sticks out, I guess you could easily knock this battery pack with your controllers whilst playing certain games, but it could be worse if you had a long charging lead sticking out of the same socket. Its weight is so minimal, that I don’t think it would add too much stress to the USB C socket any more than the weight of a heavy USB optical cable when using Oculus Link.

With a battery capacity that comes very close to the Quest 2’s own internal battery. You’re almost doubling the playtime in VR with this battery attached to your headset, and it’s size and very little added weight overall makes this battery pack from Destek a great addition to your Quest 2 setup.


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1:42 – Size & style
2:06 – Charging
2:45 – Weight & connection
3:18 – NEW headphone port adapter
3:48 – Performance & impressions

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