Tyasoleil Leather Strap Controller Grip Covers for Meta Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my Tyasoleil Leather Strap Controller Grip Covers for Meta Quest 2 Review. You can buy these grip covers for $19.99 or £19.99 from Amazon US here → https://amzn.to/3p56bpq or from Amazon UK here → https://amzn.to/3e16V8B.

I’ve already covered a number of grips for the Meta Quest 2, however, these grips from Tyasoleil caught my eye, as they have done something a little different to what the more conventional controller grips do.

In the box you get the controller grips themselves they come pre-attached to the PU leather knuckle straps that loop over the censoring and reattach back onto them for extra stability as well as being fused to the top of the controller.

The other feature is that there is an additional PU leather wrist strap that loops around your wrist and it fastens back onto the top of the knuckle strap, this I have not seen done before and I find it is a little unique.

Looking at the knuckle strap itself. They have been ergonomically designed and, like the recent KIWI design advanced straps that I reviewed recently, they have a little 1.5cm of extra length added to the bottom of them.

The grip has a triangle pattern on the palm of the grip to allow air to flow and help your sweaty palms to dry out as well as to enhance the overall grip of the controller.

The knuckle strap has a buckle design at its base to allow you to adjust it for different hand sizes, however, the pop fastened strap at the top cannot be adjusted to make the strap smaller. As a result, I found the PU leather strap didn’t tighten enough for my liking.

This strap design has been modeled on the straps found on some DSLR cameras. They are made with much stronger materials than some other grip covers, so they should last a lot longer than most soft silicone-based covers, and if you’re sensitive to silicone straps on the back of your hand, then this is a great alternative for that too. In the long-term, because they are made of PU leather, they should not wear down as quickly and they should maintain their shape for longer.

The short PU leather strap that goes around your wrist is a nice addition to the grip cover but not many, if any, other manufacturers make currently for the Quest 2.

Unlike the original wrist strap that attaches to the bottom of the controller and can be too long and too flexible, these straps simply lasso around your wrists and reattach back onto the top of the knuckle strap. You don’t have to use these if you don’t like anything around your wrist but it does add extra security for anyone that’s playing VR for the first time and to prevent your controllers from flying across the room and damaging any nearby objects or furniture.

Overall, I found these grips to be a little problematic. They are difficult and slow to get them on, as well as take them off. The knuckle strap just couldn’t be tight enough for me, which makes me only recommend these grips for people with larger hands. The silicone material doesn’t fix over the top of the controller, yet they still have holes and they also manage to cover the two sensors on either side of the trigger button. In the end, it’s all loose and feels like an afterthought that wasn’t followed through to completion.

The PU leather is a nice material that will last well with regular use. However, how they buckle makes adjustment time consuming to adjust, which makes it not an ideal grip if you’re sharing the controllers with others that have smaller or bigger hands. Without any stretch or give, you’ll end up spending a few minutes adjusting and making them fit well each time.

There isn’t many leather grip covers out there, so if you’re on the lookout for some, these are your only choice right now, but for me, although the design may have come from DSLR cameras, its design doesn’t quite cross over as well for Quest 2 controllers.

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