This Quest 2 Cooling Fan Face Cover Blows! | KKCOBVR K2 Defogging Lens Face Cover Review


In this video, I check out the KKCOBVR K2 Defogging Lens Face Cover for Meta Quest 2.

You can buy this VR accessory for $38.16 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £35.69 from Amazon UK ➡️

This accessory features a combined facial interface along with a built-in cooling fan. It’s battery-operated, and if you pair it with the Q2 Pro battery head strap I reviewed a few months ago, you can use its spare USB-C charging cable to supply power to the fan without worrying about charging it separately.

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual and promotional leaflet, there is the K2 Face Cover itself, a spare fabric top strap, and a short USB-C to C charging cable.

Features & Design

Looking over the K2 Face Cover. It’s white in colour, which also matches the Quest 2 plastic. It’s nicely designed with a large top part to the interface that houses the fan-blowing mechanism, its power on/off button and a USB-C port for charging.

Because of how this face cover replaces your stock foam interface on the Quest 2, it blocks the area where a top head strap would attach, so at the very top of the face cover there is a thick plastic loop for inserting your existing top head strap, or you can use their own, but as it is made of fabric, it isn’t as easily wipeable as most PU leather or rubber top straps.

The K2 has been upgraded with a thick and comfy PU leather foam pad, which does a good job at blocking out any light from getting inside the headset. This is also helped by a small nose flap that for my face shape at least does a very good at blocking any light from entering below my nose.

Cooling Fan

On the inside, you can also see the small white grill in which the air is blown out. Unlike some other Quest 2 fans, this K2 Face Cover blows air into the headset, than extracting hot air. As a result, you get a very cooling air blowing right on your forehead. 

The fan is self-powered by its internal rechargeable 500mAh battery or it can be plugged into the Quest 2 charging port or a battery strap cable for constant power. There are two modes to how this fan operates. The first is a continuous stream of air which will last in my test a little over 2.5 hours, and by pressing the power/mode button again it will blow air for 5 seconds, stop for 5 seconds and then repeat, and this will last around 3-3.5 hours on its internal battery.

If you wear glasses, the K2 Face Cover supports the official glasses spacer, and although my thin glasses can just barely fit through the foam padding, I think any thicker or bigger glasses might struggle with this interface. The blowing air might also affect anyone wearing contact lenses or who suffers from dry eyes.

Head Strap Support

I tried the K2 with a few head straps, including their own Q2 Pro head strap with IR emitter, the official Elite Strap, Kiwi design Elite Strap with Battery and the Face Cover worked with all of them. Their Q2 Pro has an additional power cable that you can remove from the IR emitter when you’re not using it and plug into the fan for continuous power from the head strap battery.

With some careful adjustment, it does fit on some Halo straps, including the BOBOVR M2 Pro. If you position the top forehead pad over the top of the Face Cover it fits well and the top pad of the K2 Face Cover and the forehead pad of the M2 Pro adds a good level of comfort. There is just enough room to plug in the charging cable from the M2 Pro, should it run out of power or if you wish to give it a continuous charge.

My Impressions

This K2 Face Cover from KKCOBVR currently retails for $38.16 with a coupon on Amazon US and £35.69 from Amazon UK.

I thought this accessory for the Quest 2 was ok. I don’t suffer with fogging, personally, but when I did fog up the lenses, the K2 did a very quick job at removing it. So I would have no problem recommending it for anyone who struggles with fogged lenses.

After experiencing a few Quest 2 fans that suck air out of the headset, it was a little odd feeling cool air blow inwards instead. Unfortunately, I do find the sound of the fan, when inside the headset, a little too loud when you compare it to other fan accessories. It sounds a little like a leaf blower being used at a distance. The air too is very concentrated in the middle of your forehead, where it would have been nicer if it was channelled more widely around the inner sides of the headset.

The fan is positioned vertically too, so when you move your head at speed, you can hear the fan pitch change as it tilts on its motor. With just one speed setting its sound can’t be made quieter by making it spin slower, so in quiet games or movie watching its fan sound can be a little distracting and immersion breaking. So you’ll have to crank up the sound or wear headphones to be less distracted.

Its battery life was ok for casual use, but for more regular use I would power it from your Quest 2 or use a battery strap cable to supply continuous power to the fan. Its single LED light makes you guess how much charge the battery has remaining, so I would have preferred a few more LEDs on the top. Its foam padding was comfortable, but I found the nose piece wasn’t as good as some other facial interfaces, but it does a great job at reducing light leakage below your nose.

Weighing in at 100 grams, it doesn’t add too much additional weight to the front of the headset, and its higher foam pad adds a little extra cushioning and support to the headset.

If you’re looking for a facial interface with a combined fan to defog your Quest 2, then the K2 Face Cover is worth a look, just as long as you can go around its fan noise and a very cool forehead.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing
0:48 – Features & Design
2:06 – Cooling Fan
2:58 – Glasses support
3:19 – Head strap support
4:16 – My impressions

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