The Perfect Quest 2 VR Accessory for Golf, Tennis and Kayak Games | Zyber 3-in-1 Extension Grips


In this video, I check out the Zyber 3-in-1 Extension Grips for the Quest 2.

You can buy this accessory for:
$46.32 (with coupon) from Amazon US ➡️
(You can also try code MX94ZKA8 for extra money off)
$49.50 Directly using coupon code OQPLAY ➡️

The cheaper extension grip set for:
$21.16 (with coupon) from Amazon US ➡️
(You can also try code MX94ZKA8 for extra money off)
$27 Directly using coupon code OQPLAY ➡️

This 3-in-1 accessory from Zyber allows you to extend the grips of your Quest 2 controllers so they become more controllable and immersive in certain VR games. 

In the box you get an Instruction Manua, 2 ZYBER Handles Extension Grips for Quest 2 and 2 Quick-lock Buckles, a pair of x 30g or 1oz Weight Bars come pre-inserted into each grip, there is 1 Extra Linkage bar (with an end cap), and you get a soft touch carry bag with 2 wrist straps and a spare wrist strap and weight bar is also included inside.

So looking over the grips themselves. You can assemble them in a number of ways, but you first have to install the main grip onto your Touch controller. 

This is done with a simple attachment part that slides over the sensor ring and the cup part of the extension handle slides over the controller grip and clips onto it very securely. It’s a great design that works very well and it’s just as simple to remove as it is to install. You can also twist the end cap to remove the core inside the handle to reveal two of the metal weights that you can place inside the handle to give them extra weight. Each weight weighs 30 grams and with them added and the grip attached to the controller the total weight of them is 301 grams with all the weights added and 240 grams without them. So overall, this can be a good accessory for fitness too. 


  • Grip handle and attachment + 2 weights – 145g
  • Grip handle and attachment + 1 weight – 115g
  • Grip handle and attachment + 0 weights – 85g
  • Extension bar weight – 95g
  • Extension + Full grip weight – 241g
  • Extension + Full grip + Controller weight – 395g

Setup 1 – Extra Grip Mode

With the grip installed on both controllers, you can fire up games like Beat Saber that might play better or give more weight resistance. You’ll need to jump into the game’s settings menu and set the controller Z offset to -10 so that the controllers physically match how they are positioned in VR. Once set I found these extension grips to be good in Beat Saber, but I found the extra weight can slow you down for the faster-paced expert levels. The extra length can also become an issue by hitting parts of your body that you would usually miss when using just the controllers. So overall I would say its use in Beat Saber is better for resistance during VR fitness than improving immersion in the game. 

I tried them in other games like Fruit Ninja, and certain areas of Ninja Legends where the controller’s extra length and weight made it feel more like I was holding a sword – this also made me realise we need more sword-based games in VR. In these games, it felt more natural and the extra front-heavy weight of the controllers really enhanced my immersion in these games.

The grips come with wrist straps and loops on the bottom of the grip to attach them onto. If you using these with children I recommend you attach them and get them to wear them, because of their front weight, it can be very easy to lose them if you’re not gripping them strong enough.

Setup 2 – Golf Mode

The next assembly is screwing in the included extension bar into the bottom of the main grip handle. This bar has a slight golf club-style ridged shape to it. So you can already guess that this extension bar is best used in VR golf games. I fired up and played some rounds of Golf+ with this setup and it was hands down more immersive this way. I can see the appeal of accessories like this in golf games. The extra front weight from the controllers helped make the virtual club feel more like a real golf club than simply using the controller. Sadly, you have to reach back to the controller whenever you have to navigate menus, view your shot or explore the course. But overall this setup really enhances the experience in golf games.

Setup 3 – Staff Mode 

Finally, we have the third assembly. Which requires you to unscrew the end cap from the extension bar and then screw the end of the other controller handle back onto the extension bar to form a solid staff, baton or paddle-like controller for games like Kyak VR Mirage. This was a great way to try out this amazing-looking PCVR game over AirLink, and this configuration of the controllers worked perfectly within the game, which added great control and immersion to the game. The one issue I did face with this setup was that I couldn’t get the controllers to be symmetrically rotated in the same direction. They were always slightly out of alignment, no matter how I adjusted them. Luckily the game’s arcade mode didn’t need them to be spot on and I enjoyed floating and paddling about in the game This was miles better and easier than taping each Touch controller to the ends of a pole.

My Impressions

The ZYBER 3 in 1 extension grips from Zyber retails for $46.32 from Amazon US with a coupon, and you can also get a cheaper set for $19.89 with a coupon for a set without the extension bar or the weights, and they have a much cheaper sponge grip material. I’ll leave links to both of these grips in the video description below so you can learn more about them and to buy them for yourself.

There is a lot to like about this extension grip accessory. Their different configuration setups mean you’re not limited to using them in a certain genre of game, and with more games releasing over time on the Quest, you might have more reasons to take them out and attach them to your controllers. They might give you an advantage in the game you’re playing, and with their added weights, they will definitely enhance any resistance in any fitness games you might be playing in VR.

As I mentioned before, the one issue I faced was matching each controller’s rotation when using it in its staff configuration, and also some games you wanted to play with them didn’t fully support the use of using extended grips, meaning you had to reach back to the controller to press on a face button or use the thumbstick. So if you play golf, sword, tennis or kayaking games often, or you’re looking for some extra resistance in your VR fitness routine, then this accessory may be priced a little on the high side, but the level of immersion you get can feel so worth it.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
0:53 – Setup 1 – Grip handle for sword/tennis games
3:31 – Setup 2 – Extension handle for golf games
4:26 – Setup 3 – Pole attachment for staff/kayak games
5:24 – My impressions

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