The Best Quest 2 Strap? BOBOVR M2 Halo Head Strap For Oculus Quest 2 Review


Enjoy my BOBOVR M2 Halo Head Strap For Oculus Quest 2 review. You can buy this Halo Strap for $38.99 from Amazon US/Wordwide or for £37.98 from Amazon UK. Or you can get it cheaper for $23.31 or £17.30 but expect longer shipping times from AliExpress.

So there have been many halo straps available for the Quest and Quest 2, but their design hasn’t radically changed that much between them, with only a few tweaks made here and there, and the only major change has been at the back to help improve comfort. This new halo strap from BOBOVR has arrived with a fresh new approach to the halo strap design, which includes new features that greatly help improve comfort, stability and it also works very well with over-ear headphones too.

Inside the official-looking box, you get the halo strap itself, with everything already attached. There’s a small paper manual, and finally, there is an optional soft fabric top strap that you can install onto the head strap for increased support. Installing the head strap is very simple. Unlike the flappy attachments on the older halo straps, the attachment arms on the BOBOVR M2 fits very tightly onto each side rail of the Quest 2 headset, and you then slide it along for the best fit for you. I found a good starting position is to slide the headset attachment points down the rails until their nearest side meets the end of the rails where the speakers are positioned.

Like other halo straps, there is a similar adjustment dial at the back that you turn to tighten and loosen the strap around the back of your head. The dial is slightly recessed into the back panel of the headset, which like the Elite Strap, can make it a little harder to turn as you only have a reduced area on the dial to turn it. But on the positive side, the dial doesn’t stick out as much as other halo strap dials do, so this allows you to rest the back of your head much better against surfaces for things like watching movies without the dial getting too much in the way.

Inside the head strap there are lots of thick generous padding and support, these all help bring lots of comfort to the Head Strap. The rear pad features a much wider padded area for the rear and rear sides of the strap. These help cushion your head better than other halo straps and it also helps prevent the rear strap from sliding sideways too. The forehead foam pad isn’t as generous as other halo straps, with its padding being around a third less in thickness. I don’t think it needs to be as thick though, because of the extra support you get at the top of the head.

At the top, you will notice a new and unique feature on this halo strap. There are two padded arms that reach out inwards to cradle the top part of your head. This helps transfer some of the headset weight, away from the forehead, and onto the top of your head, similar to what the top head strap would do. These plastic arms are fixed in position, and they cannot be adjusted forward or backwards. When I first took the head strap out of the box I saw they were a little out of alignment, but after some use, you can already see that they do eventually even themselves out. Underneath the arms are removable thick foam pads, which when fit correctly, touch the top part of your head to distribute the front weight more and it generally reduces the need of having a top strap. They have still included one in the box, though, should you feel that you need that additional support. Personally, I didn’t think I needed to install it. It is also a fabric material, so it will need to be washed over time, should it pick up a lot of sweat or oils from hair products. All the pads are made from the same PU leather material, so they can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth or wipe. They can also be removed should you wish to hide any audio cables inside or make any other additional mods to the headset.

You wear the headset in just the same way as other halo straps. You first position the headset on your face first, then bring the rear part of the strap over to the rear or lower rear of your head and tighten the adjustment dial until it feels comfortable and secure. After some time with the strap I soon started to not even need to turn the rear dial. With the rear dial adjusted at the back, the Headstrap was tight enough to bring it over the back of my head and still be tight enough to play with, without any further adjustment.

Its overall comfort is the best on any Halo Strap I’ve reviewed on this channel so far. I do have a new halo strap coming from Bestorx, that includes an audio solution. So look out for that review soon on the channel. But right now, I am liking this Halo Strap from BOBOVR a lot. Its materials are all solid, and the build quality feels good with a black, white and silver colour scheme that matches the Quest 2 very well.

The problem with many straps, other than the default soft strap, is compatibility with headphones, or more precisely, over-ear headphones. Many fixed straps, from the official Elite strap to Eyglo’s head straps, to all the halo straps, none of them work with over-ear headphones. So you either have to use the built-in speakers or earbuds for better immersion in VR.

The BOBOVR M2 halo strap has been designed in a way that frees up space around your ears, and with no top strap, and the two supporting arms at the front, you have space available to wear a large number of over-head headphones, including ones with over-ear earcups.

There’s no part of the head strap that gets in the way and I was able to wear a number of headphones comfortably with this halo strap. I tried my Bose QC35 and my larger SteelSeries Arctis 3 Bluetooth headphones with this strap and both felt great and the strap didn’t interfere at all with the earcups position around your ears. So if you like wearing headphones with your Quest 2, then this is the best solid head strap solution for this audio setup.

At its cheapest price, I thoroughly recommend this head strap for your Quest 2, and right now it is my most recommended strap out of all the halo straps, and it is level pegging with the official elite strap for me. As comfortable as this strap is for wearing headphones, I would still like to see a clip-on audio solution for this strap, as I find it very convenient to have the audio fixed on to the head strap, similar to the HTC Deluxe Audio strap, really, but this strap costs a fraction of the price and out of the box it has been built for the Quest 2. So the BOBOVR M20 halo strap is a no brainer purchase if you are looking for an alternative strap to the Elite Strap from Oculus. If you are looking for a halo strap, this is hands down the best for the Quest 2, so far.


0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Brief overview
0:46 – Unboxing
1:02 – Installation
1:30 – Adjustment & Fit
4:40 – Overall impressions
5:05 – Headphone support

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