The Best Quest 2 Golf Club Accessory | AMVR Golf Club Grip Review


In this video, I check out the AMVR Golf Club Grip for the Meta Quest 2.

You can buy this grip for $59.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £52.99 from Amazon UK ➡️ and €59 from Amazon DE ➡️

AMVR Halo Controller Protectors retail for $13.98 from Amazon US ➡️

This accessory simply connects to a single controller to use along with VR Ball games such as Golf+, Walkabout Mini Golf, Totally Baseball, and Tennis Kings VR, to give you a more immersive experience in VR.

In the box, you get the Golf club attachment, all built and ready to go, and there is a paper instruction manual and warranty card.

Looking over the club attachment, it features a real-life golf putter grip silicone handle, to enhance the feel and immersion in VR golf games, the plastic cup at the end is where your single controller inserts into, and it has two soft silicone pads inside it to further grip the handle of the controller once its inserted. Between the two there is a telescopic pole that can expand the overall length of the club up to 67cms. So this accessory will not give you a full club length, but enough to make swinging a golf club in VR feel more real than holding the controller in your hand.


Installation is very clever and simple to do. You’ll need to remove any grips or straps you may already have installed on the controller and use the stock battery cover and the official wrist strap is required too.

With the wrist strap installed you pass the strap through the hole at the button of the cup attachment on the club and then thread the end of the strap around a small hook on the lower part of the cup. Then with the controller grip firmly inserted into the cup, you rotate the bottom clockwise as it winds the slack part of the wrist strap around the middle of the two parts. It is a clever design that works really well and helps secure the controller firmly onto the end of the grip without any worry of it coming loose or falling out.

To remove the controller you just lift up the rotating end of the cap and unscrew it counterclockwise to loosen the strap and then easily remove the controller from the cup of the club.


To lengthen the club you just need to rotate the grip anti-clockwise and then pull the club away from the cup attachment to extend the pole. There are small marks along the length of the pole that you can use to remember your preferred setting or extend it fully up to the 67cm mark where it says to stop. Then you rotate the grip clockwise to lock the grip in place.

The total weight of the club with a controller attached is around 313grams, and 330grams if you want to attach a ring protector such as the AMVR transparent Halo Controller Protectors to prevent your controllers from being damaged when swinging this club in your home.

My Impressions

This AMVR VR Golf Club Grip for the Quest 2 retails for $65.99 from Amazon US, £55.99 from Amazon UK, and 69.99 from Amazon DE, and I will link directly to these stores down below, so you can learn more about this club and to buy one.

With the AMVR Golf Club installed onto my controller, I jumped into Golf+ on the Quest 2 and had a few rounds as well as firing off a few balls on the range. 

The longer length of the club made playing this game a lot more immersive. The weight of the controller at the end felt more like holding a golf club than the Zyber VR accessory that I reviewed a few weeks ago on this channel.

I found the AMVR club option in the game didn’t quite work for me, but with the Custom option, I could make the virtual club match exactly how I wanted it.

With the club’s position dialled in, I felt I could be quite accurate with my swings and when putting once I reached the green. Overall playing golf games with this accessory was a lot more fun, however, I did have to regularly check where I was to be sure I wasn’t going to hit the ceiling or anything nearby when in full swing. 

I eventually took their sensor protectors off, because I felt I couldn’t be as accurate during my swing over the back of my head and then down to hitting the ball. With many ball strokes going off-centre until I removed the cover. 

I also tried the AMVR club accessory with other golf games. Not many non golf-based titles worked as well. The thinner nature of the handle didn’t make it as immersive for baseball or tennis games. And neither did it work well in Bear Saber. And without much support for adjusting for accessories like this, the extra length of the club can make the gameplay worse in the long run. 

So if you find yourself regularly visiting the virtual golf course and you’re looking for a golf accessory for your Quest 2 controllers. This AMVR golf club grip is one of the best that I have tried for the Quest 2.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:21 – Unboxing
0:29 – Design & Features
1:07 – Installation
1:59 – Length Adjustment
2:22 – AMVR Halo Controller Protectors
2:38 – My impressions

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