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Enjoy my VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface for Oculus Quest 2 Review. You can buy the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface for $29 or €29 from VR Cover directly here → .


So over the last few months we have seen VR Cover focus on a few different VR accessories such as cables, lens protectors and head straps and thinner foam pads, yet they haven’t seen updates to its facial interface kit since its first design and their release of many different colour options, content creator designs and foam pad combos. In that time we’ve seen many other brands release facial interfaces with improved materials, better air flow, and padding.

VR Cover has likely seen this competition from other brands and they have decided to improve and release a brand-new facial interface for the Quest 2, that has been specifically focused towards fitness in VR.

Although fitness has been a big incentive to lure new consumers into buying a Quest 2, personally, I feel this new facial interface brings plenty of improvements and new features that helps bring this new facial interface back on top as one of the best facial interfaces for the Oculus Quest 2, and it shouldn’t be aimed towards just VR fitness.

New Features

In the box you get the facial interface itself, there are two sizes of foam PU leather pads, a cleaning cloth, a set of disposable hygiene covers, a lens protector, and finally there’s a paper instruction manual that tells you how to install the facial interface on your Quest 2.

Looking at the facial interface itself. From afar it doesn’t look like much has changed but on closer inspection there are a number of new features that have changed on this new version of interface, when you compare it against their earlier design.

The first is that the whole new interface material is now a mix of rubber and firm plastic. These new materials allow the facial interface to bend and wrap a little bit better around your face, and as a result, it makes it a lot more comfortable to wear over long periods of time, especially during fitness where there will be a lot of fast movement within the headset itself.

The next most obvious feature of this interface is that there are a lot more air circulation channels around the top and bottom of the facial interface. This allows air to flow much better through the interface, which is very important for fitness sessions and VR in general, to help reduce any fogging from building up on the headset lenses.

The anti-light leak nose piece has also seen some changes on this new interface. The nose piece is now a little bit bigger/wider, so that will further reduce the level of light leaking into the headset from below the nose, and also help improve immersion. 

The way the nose piece is attached to the facial interface has also changed dramatically from the previous design. It now slides onto two small rods on either side of the nose area, which is exactly the same way as how the nose piece attaches onto the AMVR facial interface, and if you were to look at them side-by-side there are now a lot of similarities between both interfaces. Personally I don’t know why they needed to change it. Maybe to simplify production and ease of use when attaching these nose pieces on.

On the inside they have the same level of reduced Velcro attachment points around the inside of the facial interface, and the whole kit comes complete with two foam PU leather pads of two thicknesses. One is 11mm thin and will probably offer you a greater field of view and the other is 16mm thick, which will bring more overall comfort. I would say the thinness and thickness of both of these pairs resemble the same foam pad as their minimalist foam pads.

For anyone that wears glasses, you’ll be happy to know that this cover works with the stock glasses spacer from Oculus, which clips into the facial interface itself very securely, and then both are spacer and facial interface can be clipped into the Quest 2 headset. 

My Impressions

This new , and you can check out my link above to learn more about it and to buy yourself one. This facial interface only comes in black, but knowing VR Cover I would expect colour options to release in the near future. 

There is a lot to like about this facial interface. It clips in very well and securely into the Quest 2. The rubber and plastic interface material, mixed with the better airflow and bigger nosepiece, as well as the thinner foam PU leather pads create a very comfy interface, that I can safely say is their best one yet. 

As I said earlier, it does take a lot of features from AMVR’s own facial interface, however I would say this VR Cover is a little better than the AMVR interface, purely due to its build quality and materials they have used both in the interface itself, its nose pad and PU leather foam pads.

So if you are on the lookout for a new facial interface or perhaps you’ve just recently purchased your Quest 2 and you’re on the lookout to replace the stock foam facial interface, then I highly recommend you pick up the for Oculus Quest 2 from VR Cover.


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1:10 – Unboxing
1:28 – New features
4:36 – My impressions

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