The BEST Facial Interface for Quest 2 Just Got A Lot More Colorful | VR Cover Blue Fitness Edition


Enjoy my VR Cover Blue Fitness Edition for Quest 2 Review and Comparison.

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In this video, I take a quick over the Blue Edition of VR Cover’s Fitness Facial Interface and Foam Set for the Meta Quest 2. You can check out my full review of the first black coloured version of the interface here.

I compared it with the original blue facial interface from VR Cover, which after looking at their store, it doesn’t seem to be selling anymore. But their dark grey and red ones are still available. These older interface sets are still good, but I feel they are not as good as this new Fitness line of facial interfaces now selling from VR Cover.

What’s good about it?

The main positive from this new interface is the fit and overall comfort of it on the Quest 2. The softer rim plastic edges, mixed with the foam padding and its plenty of air ventilation channels, makes this interface my favourite interface to date for the Quest 2.

And it just got better – with colours. Sadly it is just blue right now, but considering the successes of this interface late last year for VR Cover, I am certain that we will see them release more colour options in 2022.

Wider nose piece

The wider and deeper nose piece helps block even more light from below your nose, which helps with comfort, and most of all, immersion in VR. There’s a lot to like with this interface, but what lets it down is the choice of colour options for its PU leather foam pads.

Foam Pads & Eyelashes

Two foam pads come in the box, along with an eye cover, a few hygienic disposable covers and a cleaning cloth. The pads come in two sizes, one that is as thick as their thinnest replacement set pads, and one that is much thinner. If you want maximum FOV from this interface then the thinner option is the one for you, but for me, I kept feeling my long eyelashes brush the lenses from time to time. So I opted for the thicker pads and still felt like I was cleaning the lenses with my eyelashes.

I tried a glasses spacer and thicker foam pads from their replacement set, and this felt much better. The thicker padding from their replacement set makes it even more comfortable, whilst their white colour scheme matched the Quest 2 much better than the stock black foam pads you get in the box.

If you’re looking for a new interface to replace your stock foam interface, or you’re generally looking to improve comfort in VR, then I highly recommend that you pick up this Fitness Facial Interface set from VR Cover.


0:00 -Brief overview
0:23 – Unboxing
1:30 – Black vs Blue Edition
2:19 – Attaching foam pad to interface
2:47 – Comparison with Blue original VR Cover
3:25 – Materials used
3:57 – Light-bleed Nose piece
4:16 – Issues
4:39 – Glasses spacer support
5:04 – Alternative White Foam Pad
6:03 – Install onto Quest 2
7:00 – Remove nose piece
7:33 – My impressions

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