Superhot VR – Oculus Quest Review

Have you ever wanted to reenact the famous bullet-dodging scene from The Matrix – when Neo leans backward, dodging bullets that’s fired at him, all in slow motion? Well, Superhot VR is the game to give you those feels, never failing in making you feel this badass.

Upon entering the main menu you’re faced with computing nostalgia (that’s if you’re born pre-1990s). Picking up a 3.5” floppy disk you slide the disk into a computer that’s fresh out of the 1990s. As the program boots up on the multiple CRT screens in front of you, you notice a large helmet directly above. With two hands grasping the white spaceman-like helmet you bring it down over your head, preparing yourself to enter the world of Superhot VR.

With the game’s roots buried deep in a 7-day game hack territory, it is fairly simple in its overall mechanics, but as a result of its simplicity, oh boy is it a ton of fun! You’re dropped into a minimalistic virtual world that’s mostly white and light-grey in its colour palette. You can pick up and interact with black coloured objects in the world, which can be anything from grabbing pistols to shotguns, bottles of wine to ashtrays. With these objects you can fire or toss them at your red coloured enemies, one hit is enough to destroy them into shards of shattered glass.

The whole game moves in slow-motion, so as the level begins you see your red foes heading in your general direction, either with bare fists raised or pistols pointed at you ready to fire. You can move around this world, but the faster you move the faster the world around you will go – this must be how fast John Wick’s brain must feel.

This is when your Neo-like movements come into play. Whilst everything is moving in slow-motion your have the speed to duck and weave your way around flying bullets, dodge thrown punches and do whatever you are able to do to destroy each red enemy that appears in the level. These red figures can be disposed of by you punching them with your fists or throwing objects at them, but if you’re lucky enough to find a weapon nearby you can shoot the limited rounds left in the gun back at them.

The game has plenty of memorable levels and sequences that play out like some Hollywood action blockbuster movie. For example, there are moments when you eliminate someone carrying a weapon they throw the weapon in your direction, which you can then pick up, mid-flight, to shoot the next few oncoming bad guys. This needs to be experienced first-hand because reading these words do not describe how good this feeling is at all.

Each level has been well crafted that, although it’s action-based, it really does feel a little like a puzzle, as you sometimes have to work out who to take down first and in which order of available objects do you use first to dispose of them. This opens some level of replayability because you can approach each level in so many ways, yet there are some that are best done in a similar sequence.

There are X levels in SuperHot VR, all reworked from the ground up for its VR edition, and it has been improved again for the Oculus Quest to take advantage of its untethered freedom. Visually the game looks great. It’s certainly doesn’t win the crown for pushing the most polygons and textures, but it really doesn’t have to, the game looks great. Although the world is simple in its style, it does the job in making your feel immersed and the adrenaline really kicks in when the red guys are closing up on you or when you’re dodging a wide spread of bullets from a shotgun.

For £24.99 from the Oculus Store, Superhot VR is one of those must-buy titles for the Oculus Quest. For me, this was my first time in Superhot VR, having only played a few levels of the flat-screen version, however, if you have already owned it on the Rift I think you will enjoy the game’s refreshing gameplay whilst being wire-free. If you’re yet to own this game, do so soon as Superhot certainly lives up to its name.

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