Store Earbuds with Cable Management on Oculus Quest 2 | AMVR Earbuds Holder Review

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Enjoy my AMVR Earbuds Holder Review. You can buy these earbud holders for $9.99 or £9.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here →

If you use in-ear earbuds with your Quest 2 then this simple accessory might be worth looking at, because they not only help keep your headphone cables neatly tucked away, they also help to store the otherwise dangling earbuds when not in use too.

In the box, you get a pair of these silicone earbud holders. One for each side of your headset. They come in either black or white, and the white colour matches the white of the Quest very well.

If you use the default soft strap, halo strap, or an Elite strap on your Quest 2, these attach super easy by simply placing them where you want them on the side of your strap, you then loop over the arms to the inside of the strap and fasten them together by passing the two rubber buckles through the two holes on arms.

Once the holders are attached to both sides of your strap you can use them to neatly pass any of the loose earbud cables through the inside arms, to keep it all tidy and looking almost cable-free.

The holders themselves have a recessed hole in the middle and there are three rubber ridges on the surface to help keep each earbud in place when you push them into the hole.

I would think they should work with most in-ear earbuds, that have the rubber tips on the end. And the holes are deep enough to hold onto either size of rubber tips that you might have installed onto them.

I think they are a great way to deal with any of the loose cables that you regularly get when using wired earbuds on your Quest, and the holders themselves offer a great way to neatly stow away your loose, dangling earbuds while they are not being used too.

Sometimes, when putting my headset on, the earbuds would swing into the foam cover and get trapped inside or stuck between the straps, so keeping my earbuds firmly in these holders now stops this from happening.

If you use earbuds you might have spent some time carefully installing the earbud wires around your headset, and if you want to use the onboard speakers for a while, these holders are also a nice way to store them without the need to remove the earbuds and it’s carefully installed cable completely.

They are also good to keep the earbuds clean and free from dust before you insert them into your ears. And if you have any curious pets, they are a great way to protect your earbuds from being chewed on, whilst your headset isn’t being used.

So if any of these scenarios that I have described relate to you, and you are looking for a solution, then these earbud holders from AMVR might be what you’re after.


0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Brief overview
0:35 – Unbox and Installation
1:53 – Overall impressions

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