Slide-On Rechargeable Battery Pack for Meta Quest 2 Default & Elite Straps


In this video, I check out the Vivaforte Rechargeable Battery Pack for Meta Quest 2 Default & Elite Straps.

You can buy this power bank for $24.99 from Amazon US ➡️ or for £24.02 from Amazon UK ➡️

This is the first battery pack that attaches directly onto the side strap of the default soft strap or the official Elite strap and there is also some third-party strap support that I’ll go over later in this video too.

In the box you get the battery pack itself, there is a small paper instruction manual, and there is a small USB-C to USB-A charging cable to charge the battery pack.


Looking over the battery pack then. It’s black and white in colour. The white is more of a brighter white and doesn’t quite match the white colour of the Quest 2. On the bottom side of the battery pack, there is a USB-C input port to easily charge the battery when it is attached to the Quest 2. On the top side, there are four LEDs to monitor how much charge the battery has remaining, in 25% increments. 

On the front side of the battery pack, there is an attached USB-C cable that you plug into the Quest 2’s USB-C port to recharge the headset. And finally, along one side of the battery pack, there is a cupped mounting system that allows you to simply slide the battery pack onto the side arm of the default soft strap or the official Elite head strap.


Sliding the battery onto the side rail of the head strap is super easy and the rubber nature of the mount adds some additional grip to prevent it from accidentally sliding off. Once attached you then pass the USB-C cable around the front of the strap and insert the USB-C cable into the headset’s charging port. Attaching it one way will block the 3.5mm headphone jack, so if you use your Quest 2 with headphones you need to rotate the connector in a way that makes the cable run a little tighter around the battery pack, and as a result, it would also get less in the way of any of the optical side sensors on the headset.

The capacity of the battery pack is 3350mAh, which is a little more than some other smaller alternative battery packs for the Quest 2, and this extra charge will allow an additional 1.5 hours of playtime. It has an output rate of 5V/2A, which is the same as the Quest 2 charger, so you’ll get a safe and reliable charge to your Quest 2 headset. 

Fit & Balance

Being positioned on the side rail removes any weight or pull on the attached USB-C port on other battery packs, such as the capsule battery from Destek. Like the capsule battery packs, its weight is fairly light, at just 0.21 pounds or 93 grams. This is a little heavier than the 67 grams of the latest capsule battery pack, but because of the way it is mounted, I didn’t feel any of the extra weight. In fact, due to its lower side profile on the side rail, I didn’t feel any significant weight gain on the left side of the headset.

Its lower profile also reduces any risk of accidental knocks to the side of the headset, which can occur with larger capsule battery packs, and how it attaches also means if it was knocked it wouldn’t fall off the headset as easily as other attached battery packs for the Quest 2.

My Impressions

This battery pack for the Meta Quest 2 retails for $24.99 from Amazon US, and £24.02 from Amazon UK, and you can check out my links on this page to learn more about it and to buy yourself one.

My time with this battery pack was good. I like its looks, it charges relatively fast, passing power through to the headset first before charging itself up afterwards. The USB-C port below makes it easy to recharge whilst the pack is still being worn, and the LED indicators make it easy to know how much charge is remaining or left to go until it is fully charged.

Its weight is insignificant and its low profile helps distribute its weight better than other side-mounting battery packs, as well as it helps reduce any accidental hits too. I would have preferred the charging cable to come out the bottom, or out the other side of the battery pack, for a neater look, and maybe a button to manually start and stop the battery from charging the Quest 2.

I tried the battery pack with a few headphones and due to the size and how it battery is mounted, it never got in the way of any of them. I also tried to fit the battery pack on a number of alternative Elite style head straps. It is made only for the default soft strap and official Meta Elite strap, but I thought it’s worth seeing what else it could fit on. It didn’t fit well on the KIWI Upgraded Elite Strap, however, if your Elite head strap has a low profile side rail mounting system, it’s likely this battery pack will fit onto it. Straps from Soarking, Aubika, and Elygo/Esimen worked with this battery pack. Head straps with certain attachment points, and Halo straps, did not work with this battery pack.

If you’re on the lookout for a battery pack that doesn’t interfere with the rear of your head strap, or perhaps you prefer a side-mounting solution for your battery pack, this one does a great job at boosting your playtime, whilst keeping a discreet and low profile on your headset, all while selling for a reasonably low price.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:22 – Unboxing
0:31 – Features
1:12 – Installation
1:46 – Capacity and Charging
2:09 – Weight and balance
2:42 – Fit and comfort
2:58 – My impressions

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