Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl – Oculus Quest Review

After over four months into the Oculus Quest’s life span, it is surprising that there isn’t a large amount of real-time strategy games on the VR platform. There isn’t much completion for the RTS crown on the Quest, and that’s probably a good thing too, as this Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl had a rather shaky start to its launch on the Quest.

Skyworld Kingdom Brawl is a real-time online multiplayer card battle game. You compete in the VR battle arenas of Kingdom Brawl, set in the universe of Skyworld. As a player, you build your card deck by collecting and upgrade your battle cards. Once battle commences, you cast these cards into the table-top arena to see them come to life and fight your corner against an online or AI opponent.

Dozens of cards can be collected and their abilities upgraded. Once your deck has been carefully crafted together, you can put them to use in up to 20 Kingdom Brawl arenas. Gameplay simply consists of selecting a card and pointing within the battle arena in front of you to cast the card spell onto the battlefield. Your cards can summon a variety of land and air based offensive and defensive troops and weapons, with the key to winning being choosing and placing the best card, at the right time during the battle.

Your opponent can be seen across the other side of the table-top arena. You see their spells also being cast and their troops making their way to your enemy bases with the sole aim of turning them to piles of rubble and a battle win result. Once the winner has been crowned you can opt to create a rematch or return to the lobby to fine-tune your deck using the rewards you’ve earned in the battle.

The game’s visuals look pretty decent considering the limited power of the Quest. I can’t help but notice that the 3D objects and troops have been influenced by the hit mobile game Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, both great and well known titles that have probably helped simplify and limit the game’s visuals on the Quest mobile platform.

The battle arenas you play on do feel a little flat at times, where accessible paths are only lined by the odd tree, river or bridge. I would have liked to have seen the world be a little more elevated, with valleys and hills that could determine strategies for attacking and defending in the battle.

The game’s sound mirrors it’s visuals well. With clashing of swords and fireball noises from fire breathing dragons to flinging arrows from archers, all the sounds you come to expect from this type of genre. One omission though, is the lack of online voice support in the game, which means whilst you play an online opponent the game can seem very quiet. With voice support, you may be more able to encourage additional rematches from the player online player.

Being a multiplayer game, you have the option for friendly and ranked matches, where players can compete with one another to reach the top of the leaderboards. The one issue, however, and one that affects any multiplayer driven game these days, is in its volume of players. Sadly, due to the game’s buggy start, along with its limited maps, players today may struggle to find a variety of players to compete against, which is a shame.

Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl retails for £7.99 from the Oculus store, which is a price that is low enough to grow new players into its online world, whilst also being low enough for players that just want to face an AI opponent match. If table-top battle arenas are your thing, then Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl is a decent online multiplayer card battler that is available currently on the Oculus Quest.

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