SiloKe VQ2 Halo Strap With Battery Bracket for Meta Quest 2 Review


In this video, I check out the SiloKe VQ2 Halo Strap With Battery Bracket for the Meta Quest 2.

You can buy this halo strap for $39.99 from Amazon US here → (use discount code 5BYBU6XU for 20% off until 15th May 2022) or for £32.99 from Amazon UK here →

This was a surprise Halo Strap from SiloKe. It adds an additional adjustable top strap in the middle of the two regular front and rear parts of the strap that we are used to seeing on Halo Straps.

This top strap can’t move any further forward from its centre point, but it can be positioned all the way to the back part of the strap, resembling a baseball cap-like level of comfort.

The top, front and rear padding is great, it’s a mix of PU leather and memory foam padding. I had no discomfort after a few hours in VR. The rear is slightly reinforced to add some rigidity at the back. It is also cupped in a way around the back of your neck to add support in a similar way to the BoboVR Halo Strap, but I found this one didn’t interfere when looking up and down and didn’t rise up at the back.

The rear part of the strap has a dial adjustment, which, unlike the top strap, was its lowest-performing feature. It closes itself too easy with minimal movement or interaction, that once placed on your head would always require some level of adjustment afterwards. A stronger gear system would have been ideal here.

The top strap also suffers from its easy freedom of movement, and I would have preferred a stronger connection or possible a ridged system that allowed you to position the top strap in steps, all the way to the back.

The top strap also has a platform for its additional battery bracket. This clamp system bracket can take quite a wide and also thick battery pack to charge your Quest 2. A supplied 30cm-long USB-A to USB Type-C cable plugs into the battery pack and Quest 2 sockets. If you’re battery pack only has USB-C, then you will need to buy an adapter if you wish to use the provided cable.

Trying a bundle of battery packs, I found a weight over 250grams felt too heavy and if you have the battery on the top or even at the back of the strap, you feel the weight of the battery tug at the halo strap during any fast movement.

Opting for a battery pack in the region of 190-250 grams would be the sweet spot here, as you will get enough weight to add some counterbalance value to the halo strap, which is rare for halo straps, but you also get minimal weight tugging at your head as you move about quickly.

With a decent battery combo, this Halo Strap from SiloKe is a great solution that doesn’t tie you down to proprietary battery packs like the ones from the BoboVR M2 Pro. As comfort goes, I would say they are similar, depending on the battery you choose to pair it with. You feel better counterbalancing with the SiliKe than the BoboVR M2/M2 Pro.

So if you prefer to charge your Quest 2 with a battery pack, and you’re on the lookout for a Halo Strap, then I would put the SiloKe on your shortlist.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:27 – Unboxing
3:05 – Installation
5:04 – Anker 10,000 mAh Battery 190g
8:04 – Anker 20,000 mAh Battery 360g
10:52 – Crave Plus 10,000 mAh Battery 240g
11:52 – Headphone support
13:04 – My impressions

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