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In this video, I check out the GeekVR Q2 Pro Halo Strap with Battery for Quest 2 and Quest Pro-style halo strap with swappable battery packs.

You can buy this strap for:

$45.90 directly ➡️
$47.50 from Amazon US ➡️
£36.99 (with voucher) from Amazon UK ➡️

Swappable batteries can also be had for $29.99 from Amazon US ➡️ and UK ➡️

This Quest Pro-style battery head strap for the Quest 2 features a 5,000mAh swappable battery pack at the back. It has a thick foam-padded forehead pad at the front and an oval foam pad at the rear of the strap. and with additional fast-charging swappable battery packs, you’ll get uninterrupted play on your Quest 2.

In the box, you get a paper instruction manual, there is the head strap itself, an attachable foam rear pad, and in a separate box, there is the 5,000mAh battery pack and a USB-A to USB-C cable to recharge it.

Design & Features

The strap has been designed similarly to the newly released Quest Pro head strap, with fixed side rails that are attached to a top foam padded forehead band. At the back of the strap, there is an attached foam rear oval pad, which has quite a thick padding for added comfort. The rear of the strap adjusts with a dial system at the back, and on the inner side of the strap, there is a slot where the battery pack magnetically attaches. Coming out of the left side of the strap is a black USB-C charging cable that doesn’t come with any cable management clips, so it hangs loosely off the side of the head strap.

Battery Packs

The battery pack looks like an Apple Mac Magic mouse that’s eaten too many cakes. However, its overall size is a lot slimmer than other battery packs. The top of the battery pack has a LED small charging indicator, a manual charging button to start and stop charging from the battery, and in the middle is a USB-C port to recharge the battery, and this strap allows power passthrough charging to charge the Quest 2 also.

Attaching the battery to the rear of the strap is fairly easily done and there is a confirming beep sound to let you know the battery is attached and charging, which is handy if you’re still inside VR with the headset on. Unfortunately, without a lip to the inside of the battery’s slot, it can sometimes not sit and connect as securely in place if you drop it in at the back, and at times it can miss the slot and sit between the head strap and the rear foam pad.

Rear Pad

The foam rear pad is quite a narrow oval shape, and the foam inside is quite dense, so it doesn’t cradle and absorb the contours of the head as well as some other foam pads do. I understand they might have done this to reduce the rear of the strap from slipping upwards, but I found it doesn’t sit on the back of my head as comfortably as some other head straps do.


Installation of the head strap involves attaching the rear pad to the head strap. Then sliding the sides of the head strap onto the side rails of the Quest 2. I found it odd that the sides don’t slide all the way to the end of the side rails to cover them. Being a Halo strap there is no need for a top strap, so you just have to attach the USB-C cable to the side of the Quest 2, attach the battery and you’re good to go.

As I said earlier, there are no cable clips or straps on this Halo strap, so the long cable on the side hangs loosely on the left side of the headset. I found you can reduce this slightly by passing it underneath the side rail, but I feel there should have been some cable management on this strap.

My Impressions

The Q2 Pro battery strap from GeekVR currently retails for $45.90 directly from their own store, $47.50 from Amazon US and £36.99 from Amazon UK with a voucher, and additional battery packs retail for around $29.99 on Amazon. And I’ll leave a direct link to this strap below to learn more about this strap and to buy one.

Out of the box, this strap felt quite simple, both in its design and how it generally feels. Being a Halo strap type of strap I felt it should have cupped the head a little better, because its narrow rear pad doesn’t do this enough, so overall, it felt like the whole headset is barely holding onto my head in places. Swapping the rear foam with the BesWin battery pad (that I use on my BOBOVR M2 head strap) makes it feel a little more secure, so in short, the rear pad could have been designed a little better.

I also found the fixed position or lack of adjustment to the top forehead pad might lead to this strap not fitting certain head shapes. For me it was ok, and I think the fixed nature of the strap will solve a common issue where some people don’t wear this part of the strap properly on some Halo straps.

I’ve already gone over the replaceable battery not always sliding in well into the back slot of the strap and along with that I also had the charging beep sound a few times during the use of the head strap, as if some movement would make the charging disconnect and reconnect again. Slotting in the battery can sometimes trigger passthrough mode too, so overall, it feels that the whole design could have been done better. An extra ridge to keep it in place might have also helped with disconnections as well as prevented the battery from sliding out of the slot.


With just one status LED on the battery, you can’t tell how much charge it has. It goes solid green whilst charging and goes out when full, and it goes solid green when it’s powered and charging the Quest 2. But other than this it’s hard to tell how well the charging is going and how much is left inside it.

This is when purchasing an additional battery comes in handy, to not only allow for an infinite amount of battery life, by rotating between two or more charged battery packs but should one suddenly die on you without warning, it can be swapped out easily with a charged one. 

The 5,000mAh battery will extend playtime by up to an additional 2 hours, which is ok for a few sessions over a few days, and with an extra battery pack you can charge and swap each battery for continued uninterrupted playtime on your Quest 2. It took under 3 hours to fully charge the 5,000mAh battery using a Power Delivery supported 100W wall adapter. You can choose to charge the battery with it connected to the headset, and in turn, it will first charge the Quest 2 before charging its own battery. Again, data passthrough is not supported on this USB-C port.

Headphones & Cases

I tried a few headphones with this head strap, and thanks to its low profile side rails, I had no issues wearing any of the over-ear headphones I tried, with only a few that needed some minor adjustments to get the foam underneath its side rails.

Being a Halo strap, fitting in the official carry case is a no-go, and with the battery pack removed, the rear pad lifted up, and the controllers located underneath the headset I was just able to fit it inside my small carry case from Kiwi design.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this headset could have been done with some more refinement for me to truly recommend it. It’s not the worst halo strap out there, but it’s not the best either. The one thing going for it is its price, which in a way reflects the simplicity and lack of design refinements that this head strap has. Even at its low entry price, I can’t recommend this strap from GeekVR when there are competitors out there with a much better, more supportive and comfortable halo strap, that costs only a few dollars more.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:34 – Unboxing
0:48 – Design & Features
2:59 – Installation
3:42 – My impressions

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