ProTube VR ProStraps for Oculus Quest 2 – Controller and GunStock Cup Install & Review

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Enjoy our review for the ProTube VR ProStraps for Oculus Quest 2. You can buy the ProStraps directly for €24.00 here – or from Amazon here

In this video, we show you the ProStraps installed on our right controller, then we take you through how to install the ProStrap onto our left controller without the GunStock Cup attachment, then we fit the ProTube VR GunStock magnetic cup to the right controller and show you how it functions and feels with the GunStock. Finally we wrap up with our overall view of the ProStrap.

Personally, I feel the ProStraps are a great accessory for the Quest 2 (they also can be ordered for the Quest 1 and Rift controllers – hit the link above). They feel of the soft sleeve material is great when worn around the back of your hand, and the straps with their velcro attachment feels solid and assuring that they will never come loose.

The way in which the ProStraps can be fitted to the magnetic cups of the ProTube VR GunStock, is an added bonus if you wish to later upgrade to the GunStock accessory. Sadly though, swapping between controller only and magnetic cup configurations isn’t a seamless or fast process, requiring a Hex key to remove and reattach the various screwed parts and reinserting the plastic loop back into the bottom of the controller battery compartment.
There is no configuration that fits both uses, unless you go without the trap outside of the GunStock and you just detach the top strap from the controller when you wish to use them without the GunStock accessory.

Although the way in which the top of the strap attaches to the controller is unique, I would have liked a solution that didn’t require this particular method. Seeing the battery cover not fitting flush as it is intended to do so, feels like a make do attempt than a perfect solution to attaching the top strap. Personally, I think if you loop the top strap over the sensor ring with a bit of additional strap length, relocating the fabric logo tab to the end of the elastic strap, to offer full use of the velcro in this area, would have been a better route here.

Either way, whether you are planning on using this with their GunStock or not, the ProTube VR ProStraps are a leading strap solution for the Quest 2 Touch controllers, and they now become a permanent replacement for my own Quest 2 controllers.

You can buy the ProTube VR ProStraps directly for €24.00 ($24.00 USD / £21.50 UK) here – or from Amazon here

Here are just some of the products and accessories that you see me wear in this video, so you can grab them too!

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