PRO Audio Headphones for Quest 2 | Logitech G Pro VR Gaming Headset Review


Enjoy my Logitech G Pro VR Gaming Headset Review. You can buy these Pro headphones for $84.99 or £84.99 from Amazon US here → or from Amazon UK here → (not Quest 2 version). The and the Store also sells them too.

Overview & Features

So the Logitech G Pro Headset and the G333 VR earbuds I reviewed last week are the only official audio solutions for the Quest 2. The Pro headset has been designed with the world’s leading esports pros and helps enhance immersion and comfort.

It features over-ear leatherette earpads to offer passive noise isolation, PRO-G 50 mm drivers for rich and precise gaming audio, and a durable built quality using a mix of premium steel and aluminum materials.

In the box you get an external USB sound card, theres is the Pro headset itself, you get a long 3.5mm audio cable with in-line controls and a shorter audio cable to connect the headphones to the Quest 2. If your desktop doesn’t allow a single audio connection, there is an audio input and output splitter cable. There is a detachable microphone boom, and finally there is a small paper manual telling you how all these accessories connect and what they do.

Looking at the headset itself. They feel nice and premium, with a silver Logitech G logo on the side of each earcup. These are connected to a steel arm that can be adjusted by sliding them into the leather padded headband. The headband has some Pro branding on the top, and feels padded enough to sit comfortably on the top of your head. The leatherette earpads contain soft and comfortable foam material and inside there are some large left and right details to easily determine the correct orientation of the headset when you pick it up.

Connections & Audio Quality

Being a wired headset, there are only two connections on the left ear cup. One is to connect the wired boom microphone and the other is a 3.5mm audio cable socket for the Quest 2 cable or the longer desktop cable with its built-in mic muting and volume controls. The length of this braided cable is around 2m long, which is a very generous length for desktop gaming use, the in-line mic and volume control sits around 30cms from the headset, so it rests close enough to allow easy access to it.

The Quest 2 audio cable is around 23cm or 9-inches long, the straight end connects to the left earcup on the headset, and the elbow connection attaches to the Quest 2 headphone port. This length is just about right, not too long to be too slack, whilst short enough to give you enough room to move around without feeling restricted.

The microphone has a long enough reach to sit slightly to the left corner of your mouth. There is a built-in spoffle to reduce any wind or pops from the microphone, and this can be removed too should you not need, or if you wish to wash it after some use.

As sound quality goes you the noise isolating quality of the leatherette ear pads does a good job of dampening any outside noise, and this helps enhance the overall depth of the sound that these headphones can offer. 

The level of quality will vary based on what headstrap you use. If you use the default soft strap, you’ll have nothing to get in the way of the over-ear ear cups resting around your years. With the official Elite Strap, I found the side rails of the strap limited the ear pads from fully forming a close seal around my ears, luckily the foam pads are soft enough to absorb this a little, but it was enough to feel it wasn’t making full contact with the skin around my ears. With the KIWI design Upgraded Elite Strap, it took a little adjustment but they do fit underneath the side rails to make full contact around my ears. The OG and recently Halo Straps had no problems and the BOBO VR M2 had no issues with this headset either.

Having a sealed ear cup around your ears will help with deeper bass in your Quest 2 audio, which is best for explosions and rifle fire in shooters, and it really envelopes the overall sound in your ears, instead of the sound escaping out of any gaps on a poorly fitted earpad. So it’s fairly important to get the fit right.

Microphone & Comparisons

The microphone boom doesn’t work with the Quest 2, so there is no need to plug it in. The Quest 2 microphone quality is pretty good anyway, but it would have been nice to have been able to record with this microphone boom as well too.

On a Mac or PC, the desktop recording is clear and it has that traditional microphone headset down, nothing studio worthy, but it carries clean and clear audio, which would be ideal for any communication during gaming or chatting with friends.

When I compared the Logitech G Pro headset alongside the SteelSeries Arctis 3, I found the Logitech sounded much brighter and less muddy in its overall audio performance. It felt like the Logitech’s was more front and center than distant and at the back on the Arctis 3. Overall, it is a nicer clearer sound, however I do prefer the bungie headstrap than the leather padded type on the Logitech.

I also found it a little disappointing that the earcups only pivot vertically. If you like to wear just one earcup resting on your ears, the other earcup can’t compensate for this and it can start to put more strain at certain points around your head and it can begin to feel a little uncomfortable.

Considering the steel and aluminum materials on the Logitech, the overall weight isn’t felt that much. So this headset can be worn for some time without getting any discomfort from its overall weight either.

My Impressions

It is a great over ear headset for the Quest 2 if you want a versatile headset that can not only be used for your Quest 2, but also for gaming on your desktop, to listening to music audio. It sounds great, with enough punch and clarity in its overall quality, which makes gaming more immersive than the built-in speakers of the Quest 2, thanks to its Pro-G drivers, comfortable noise isolating ear pads, and its short connecting cable means you will not get tangled up with any loose wires whilst you’re gaming. 

So if you’re looking for a dedicated gaming headset for the Quest 2, as well as PC gaming, then give the Logitech G Pro VR Headset a listen.


0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Brief overview
0:44 – Unboxing
1:12 – Features
1:43 – Connection
2:49 – Sound quality
3:05 – Head strap fit
4:09 – Microphone
4:38 – Comparisons
5:31 – My impressions

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