Premium Quest 2 Counterbalance Head Strap | Soarking Elite Strap Review


In this video, I take a look at a Premium Quest 2 Counterbalance Elite Head Strap from Soarking.

You can buy this head strap for $29.99 from Amazon US →, or €20.99 from Amazon DE here → or for £26.99 from Amazon UK here → (I couldn’t see it selling in the US).

Ooo, That’s Weighty!

On first impressions of the head strap, it looks identical to the official strap with the exception of the long top head strap that is made from one continuous silicone rubber that blends into the attached rear head pad. But, as soon as you pick up the head strap, you’ll notice its extra weight, over the official Elite strap – as if the head strap has a battery at the back – but it doesn’t.

You see this head strap is aimed at counterbalance and comfort, over extra batteries and a higher cost. Say you like an Elite style strap, but wish it was more balanced at the back to offset the front heavy weight. Then, this head strap is for you.

Further Improvements

There are a number of other improvements also on this head strap. The silicone top strap makes it more robust, comfortable and durable, although it can be a bit of a dust magnet. There are many small holes in the top strap to help adjust it to a comfortable position, whilst passing the hole over the attached metal pin in the top strap assures it will stay firmly in place and never snap off under any strain. There’s a small sliding silicone loop along the strap to help keep any excess part of the strap neatly tucked away, and the attached silicone rear pad mirrors the same dimensions of the official Elite Strap rear pad for a matched level of comfort, and that means it can also have the VR Cover foam pad attached to it for extra padding and comfort.

The adjustment dial at the back feels very premium and smooth to adjust, and it is up there as one of the best in class alongside the very similar dial on the KIWI design Elite style head strap. It can also be pushed inwards for fast adjustment and tightening.

My Impressions

After playing a couple of games with this head strap I was able to notice the counterbalance advantages over many other Elite straps that are out there, thanks to the added weight at the back. The silicone top strap and combined rear pad made the top of the strap very comfortable, however, it may not be as comfortable as the wide foam padded top strap of the KIWI design Elite head strap.

If you attach any other accessories to the front of the headset, such as foam pads and interfaces from the likes of VR Cover, as well as lens protectors, then you might add a little more extra weight over the stock foam interface to undo the counterbalance that this strap offers, so I didn’t get a perfect 1:1 weight distribution with my VR Rock prescription lenses and VR Cover Fitness and Foam Pad Replacement Set added to the front of the headset. But the extra added weight at the back did really help with the front headset drop significantly enough to recommend it for this purpose.

At $29.99, £26.99 or €20.99 from Amazon, if you’re after an Elite strap with added counterbalance, this is the best there is right now. At this price, you will have to pay a little over double for a similar strap with a battery for a similar counterbalance effect, but even then, battery straps like the Aubika Elite Strap will not carry the same levels of precise counterbalance weight at the back as this Elite strap from Soarking.

If a longer game time is more important to you, then I recommend you check out the head strap from Aubika or wait for the Elite Battery Strap to release from KIWI design. But if you’re on the lookout for an Elite Strap style head strap that achieves comfort and great counterbalance in a minimalistic way, I would check out this Elite head strap from Soarking.


0:00 – Brief overview
0:10 – Unboxing
1:27 – Installation & Fit
2:07 – Adjustment
2:19 – My Impressions

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