Premium Kiwi Design Extended Battery Grips + Silicone Halo Cover Protectors for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers Review


Enjoy my Premium Kiwi Design Extended Battery Grips for Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers Review. You can buy these grips from the Kiwi Design shop for $37.80 (with code KIWI30) here →

In this video, I check out some new Kiwi Design knuckle strap grips for the Quest 2. These are similar to the battery knuckle strap grips I reviewed a few months ago, however, these are a little more premium, with a better knuckle strap design, a more reinforced battery cover, a free pair of silicone halo protectors, and most noticeable of all, they also extend the length of the grip, which is ideal for people with larger hands or desire a longer handle for their VR games.

They come in a variety of colours, from Red, blue, pink, purple, black and white. They also do a colour combo, so you can have red and blue coloured knuckle straps or red and blue coloured grips for left and right controllers – a nice touch to see, and more accessory makers should also explore.

These grips also come with a pair of silicone halo protectors for each Touch controller sensor ring. These appear flimsy at first, but they are not the cheap flimsy silicone that you see on other grips, these actually are much thicker and do stay put, but when applying them to the sensor rings, they do feel less ‘pro’ than the VR Cover halo protectors.

Without any sensor holes in the, I was first dubious about how well the controller tracking would get picked up. But don’t panic. I found no difference with them on, and after playing on Expert I didn’t miss any cubes due to tracking, my errors were more my skill and my own fault.

I loved the side knuckle straps of these controllers, but the excess loop at the bottom felt too long and go in the way. At times I would feel them hang around and I would have preferred if they exited the grip downwards than sideways, maybe if they looped back and attached to the knuckle strap, that might be a better idea.

These battery grips allow easy access to the battery compartment. The thicker materials on the grip make it harder to pull the battery out with your fingers than the older Kiwi grips with battery holes in, so the pull tab will likely be more in demand when pulling the dead battery out of the controllers.

I would avoid these grips if you have small hands or you like the less thickness in the lower portion of the controller’s grip. This grip thickens this area up and forces your last two fingers further out, and this feels odd. Maybe you’d get used to it, but for me, I didn’t like it.

The longer grips do come in handy though. With games that use bats or swords (or sabers), these longer grips feel great with play those games with, as you feel less required to use the grip button, meaning you can slide your hand further down and hold the object in VR as it is intended.

The same goes for weapon-based VR games. Holding the pistol with two hands in the game Pistol Whip felt good with these grips attached. The extra grip allows you to cup the bottom of the controller better and it just feels a little nicer when doing it that way. The thicker sense of the grip also mimics pistol grips a little too, so that adds to the immersion overall.

So it really comes down to if you have big hands, or if you desire a longer gripped controller handle. If you sit in either of these camps, then I recommend that you check out these premium extended grips from Kiwi Design, more so if you can get them in the sales.


0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Unboxing
1:30 – Comparison
4:00 – Installation
5:48 – Batter removal
6:07 – Features & Fit
10:08 – Overall impressions

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